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Omnipresent Intelligence is omnipresently operating.  No matter what it looks like, regardless of appearances, Omnipresent Intelligence, Love and wisdom together, is operating here now.  Here, there, everywhere.  Here.  If here, then, everywhere.  And this alone is omnipotence.  This alone is power.  None that can be used and none that can use it.

Therefore there are no judges that are power, there are no leaders, no presidents, no prime ministers, no dictators, no world leaders anywhere that can use this power, yet they can be used BY this power.

This power that is ONE, Being omnipresent, I do not have to make one move to inaugurate it, to get it to begin to operate.  It IS operating.


Therefore there are no legal laws, there are no  representatives, there are no senators, there is no president, no vice president, there are no cabinet members. None.  Of themselves, they can do nothing.  Nothing.  For right there, right there where they seem to be is the Spirit of God.

The Spirit that is fully operating and cannot be used as a channel for carnal mind, for mesmerism.

It's impotent, that mortal, dead, mortal mind, darkness.  It is impotent.  It is the little man who is not there, it is the little woman who is not there.  It is illusion.  And absence.  And they cannot be used as a channel, as a medium, as a mode of operation.

For this absence is nothing.  Falseness is nothing, it has nothing that will support it.  It has no power, no presence.  The arm of flesh reaching nowhere.

For God IS in his Heaven and all IS right with the world.  And the peace of IS is even this second spread across the very face of this planet.

Let's be quiet just a few seconds and listen.