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The Rest of Myself Catalog
CDs, Cassettes, Books, "Pocket Books" and Monthly Letters from The Rest of Myself

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Recordings on CD
Recordings on Cassette
Retreats on CD
Retreats on Cassette
Monthly Letters 1989-1995
Meetings on DVD
Retreats on DVD

This Catalog offers, for purchase, CDs and Cassette recordings of Gatherings that Kay gives.  Most CDs are around forty five minutes in length but some are a bit over an hour.  The Cassettes vary greatly in length depending on the actual length of the session featured from forty five to one hundred and twenty minutes. 

You will also find small "Pocket-Books" which are compilations of material arranged by subject that has been transcribed from the recordings, emails, and/or letters.  They are presented in a portable size so you can keep them with you for reference during moments of contemplation throughout the day.

The Rest of Myself Monthly Letters are single-issue writings by way of Kay that were originally sent out between 1989 and 1995.  The material contained therein remains ever-fresh as the day each appeared.

The Scriptural Passages book is compiled by Ralph Garcia and edited by Kay.


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