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About This Site
An overview to help you find your way around

Along with the launch of this most welcome website comes a time for many folks when they are being introduced to an era where technology is the tool-of-the-times.  Here you will be given an overview of this site, what things are and how to use them.  As the World Wide Web still seems a bit foreign to some, this writing is prompted.  It is an introduction and way of navigation for The Rest of MySelf website experience.

You can never get lost here; the menu of buttons to the left will always take you Home or anywhere else you need to go.  Every word in this article that is underlined is "click-able", and will also take you to your destination.  You can read About Kay and the happenings from which all of this has come, as well as current writings from her in "The Bellows".

Listen to Rental Tapes or Purchase Books and Tapes:

You will find recordings of gatherings and retreats that Kay gives arranged by date and code which correlate directly to the Catalog in the Buy Now - Shop page where you can order a CD or Cassette copy. The Buy Now - Shop also offers small "Pocket-Books", The Rest of Myself Monthly Letters and The Scriptural Passages book for purchase.

The Living Waters page is a "Light"-hearted source of fun where you may make a random pick from the folded bits of "paper", each one containing an original spiritual quotation by Kay.  They are 1.95 each and are accessible from an email that is sent to your in-box after your request has been processed - sent to you within the same day when possible.  More quotations are added from time to time.

The Meditations page offers recordings for immediate listening with Windows Media Player.  If this is not set as your default player for such files, then you may be asked to download the file and then open it.  Each meditation is around twenty minutes in length and are offered for free.  There is also instruction on the page for Mac users' access.

Questions and Answers is a page of selected questions that Kay receives, along with her answer to each.  Additions appear as Kay receives a question that seems to be "everyONE's question".

 Writings From Friends is a growing list of inspired poetry and writings that are selected from emails and letters sent to Kay by the folks in The Rest of Myself family.  They are listed by the date they were sent out and shared by Trudy in email "send-outs".

The Photo Album section includes Kay's High Alerts for The Rest of Myself -- very special graphic offerings from Trudy that are inspired by a snippet from one of Kay's letters that was chosen by Kathy to share.  The snippet is shown beneath the graphic.  To use the photo album, you can choose a group of photos and then select a thumbnail to view it larger along with any additional information if available.  Clicking on the large version of the thumbnail will return you to your chosen grouping.

The Contacts page lists Kay's and The Rest of Myself contact information as well as everyone to which you may wish to address questions about this website, attending gatherings or retreats, CD's, Cassettes, other The Rest of Myself materials or general inquiries.  This page also has a listing of folks hosting Study Groups and Tape Meetings.

The Links page showcases websites chosen by Kay for everyONE's enjoyment.

If you are interested in signing up for the text-only version of snippets that are chosen by Kathy for the purpose of pondering, you can sign up with the Snippets and Website Updates Sign-up form.  You cannot sign anyone else up for these, but can tell them about the site by sending them a link with the Recommend This Site form.

It is a pleasure to introduce you to this site which continues to be a thrill to coordinate.
Please ENJOY plumbing the depths (and the heights) of The Rest of Myself!

All Love,