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 Why this web site?


To be perfectly frank, I suspect this site is coming now because for so long I found the thought of a web site unappealing.  Every instinct shied away from publicity -- from "tire kickers" -- as my friend Bill Samuel called the merely curious among us.  For many years now, anonymity and privacy have been the hallmarks of this "talking to myself" and of whatever private life still left hanging about. 


Those few who were "inwardly driven" found their way to Kay strictly by word of mouth, through dreams, through having heard this voice -- and all of this taking place before having met Kay (or Me).  Hence, I have known from the beginning that -- personally -- I (Kay) had little or nothing to do with the workings of Spirit.  Spirit is the absolute Driver.  At most, Kay is along for the ride.


Why this site Now?


I love that word Now -- and even more the actual experience of living it.  Now is Being Me, I -- never "me" being I or Spirit.  Just for the moment, notice the chasm of difference between those two statements. 


This Nowness is a pulsating urgency that IS what adventure is.  This "urgency" began to coalesce about a year or so ago in the form of people typing manuscripts, preparing audio tapes and CDs for web-streaming.  This urgency -- that in some ways has not yet fully revealed itself -- seems a foreshadowing of the signs of the times.  There is proof positive that the dissolution of the phantom, of the masks we wear, happens in this Presence, this living Nowness -- bringing a Freshness, Newness, a never-having-been-before Aliveness. 


This site is for those who have ears to hear.  It is for the weary pilgrim dying of thirst, who will indeed find living waters here.   It is for those who have no clue as to what is suddenly happening to them and their world. 


It is for those who have come to the end of the line -- who have "been there, done that".  He or she finds that the end of progression IS the revelation of BEING.  In other words, a caterpillar NEVER EVER "becomes" a butterfly.  BEING ALREADY IS.


All Love,