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"Love is the fragrance of your being...

indeed IS Being." Kay

Portrait of Kay by our dear friend Jovana
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A Message from Kay:
Government of Christ

28 Mar 2010


Jesus' entire teaching was "to gather Power, Presence, Peace, Action back unto yourselves," i.e., INDIVIDUAL SELF GOVERNMENT. He said "I would, but ye would not" as pertains to "I can free you from the heavy burdens of government, of freedom from the Sanhedrin, of heavy taxation, of slavery, but you would not."

Scripture further says, "I have placed my laws in your inward parts, in your minds and in your Hearts, and ye shall all know ME, from the greatest to the least." These "laws" are in every man, woman and child. They are the ones called "unalienable" by the US constitution and are a "restatement" or reaffirmation of scripture in that sense. The bell of Freedom lies in every man and sometimes seemingly deeply buried under the "getting," the victim sense, of looking to the government OUTSIDE while actually the government of every man is INSIDE. 
Every Truth teaching worth looking into teaches this "inner Freedom" or Self Government. Uncovering the god-nature within naturally brings out that the "government is on god's shoulders." And no man would even entertain asking the government to forcibly steal (through laws) from another to give to him, nor would he entertain stealing from another. For he then KNOWS that to do so is stealing from himself -- just as unforced "giving" is giving to himself. Jesus' entire message was that "inner Freedom" manifests as "outer Freedom." 
It is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, individually, that always determines any oppressive LAWS to which they themselves are bound on the outer. As individuals HAVE these "inward laws" in their minds and in their hearts, the reflection of these "inward laws REALIZED" shows up as outer freedom. UNREALIZED, the inward laws remain dormant and show up as outer slavery.  
When the government is on god's shoulders, it means INDIVIDUAL SELF GOVERNMENT, for again "I" have placed my laws in your inward parts, in your minds and in your hearts. And "ye shall all know Me from the greatest to the least," as no man lives that does not inherently have these laws and may awaken to them at any moment.
All Love,

About Kay
Writing Contributed by Bob Bays:

Kay is a native of the Mississippi Delta, complete with the ultimate Southern

Well, she gave up religion (completely!) at a relatively early age, and
went on to become a highly successful business woman, enjoying all the
perks that go with such a life.

Then, one evening in early 1984, while she was driving across the
Mississippi River, a voice inside her head asked, "Is this all there

A couple of weeks later an acquaintance inexplicably gave her a copy of
one of Joel Goldsmith's books, and while reading it she came across a
certain statement, whereupon everything simply exploded.  It
happened to be February 14, and she subsequently called the event the
"Valentine's Day Explosion".  Shortly thereafter she was presented with her first Bible 
by her son and her husband.  Kay found that she "loved the red parts".

Anyway, it took her four years to sort it out...
...Kay had absolutely NO preparation!

In 1989 she finally came into a full understanding of what had happened,
and since then, though she has written nothing, she has held meetings
with small groups and given some weekend retreats from time to time, the
cost of which is room and board, if any - nothing more. She does have
available quite a collection of audio and video tapes [as well as CDs and Monthly Letters].


Just the titles are interesting, even if you don't buy one! 
But the one on which she tells her own story is engrossing -
it's called "Kay Speaks About February 14, 1984".

Having now read all of the major scriptures, Kay's comment is the same as
Ramana Maharshi's: "They confirm my experience".  However, her teaching
has a scriptural basis in the Bible's New Testiment, the King James Version. 
I wonder how many other such solitary sages are out there!



Kay has a last name, but she never uses it, and although I once knew it,
I have forgotten! It was the name of her husband, whom she left not
long after the "explosion". 

She doesn't have a web site either [until Now]. As a matter of fact she advertises
not at all, except to send to her mailing list notices of meetings and
retreats. It may interest you to know that all her correspondence is
addressed "To the Rest of Myself". ( restofmyself@aol.com )



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