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This new answer has much mind-blowing potential (as in VERY Potent).
Read, re-read and Ponder away!!!
"The Fire of LOVE" Meditation has been added to the site.
There's a Message from Kay just added to The Bellows
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There's a new Skype recording from January 8th in the Special Recordings section:
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*** The Government meditation has been added under the Meditations page and appears along with many other audio meditations that you can listen to now via the web.



***  There are a few NEW posts under Questions and Answers including this most recent one concerning the "believer in Truth".



*** A note from Kay: Getting rid of something always brings happiness has just been added to the Bellows section...



*** "Individual SELF Government"--a message from Kay, is posted in the Bellows section.





***There's a new writing from Kay called "Home" in The Bellows.



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*** A new audio meditation has been added.  Click the link below and then choose "The Everpresence of Plenty" to listen



***This writing from Trudy is SO VERY CLEAR.  Worth reading again and again... not just once and then asking what to do when THIS is the "what" to do.