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The Bellows > The Rest of MySelf Monthly Letter: March/April 1994

28 May 2009


     None of MySelf is missing, gone, nor going.  Nor is any of MySelf in hell, hell-bent, gone to hell or going to hell.  My entire Self is totally supplied with ItSelf.  None of It is missing.  None on the way.  None yet to come.  None unfinished or in need of refurbishing.  I, MySelf am fully supplied with MySelf.  Nothing (no thing) can add to nor take from my Boundless Self--therefore can never be mismanaged, changed, misused, supplied, completed, finished, replenished, subdued, subjected, perfected, or used up.

     My Self is Constant, Uninterrupted, Ceaseless, Invisible, Shapeless, yet never un-Potent, un-Present, un-Alive, un-Aware, un-Intelligent.  My Self is totally Active, Alive, the only Being Being.  This Self is pleasure Itself.  This Individual I (undivided, no parts) is constant, stopless Supply of Itself.

     I, being Infinite, Infinity ItSelf Being, cannot run out of MySelf, be without MySelf.  With Me, all things are possible.  I, MySelf, require no thing nor all things together to make Me what I AM nor to complete Me.  I express without ANY help from the conscious thinking for MY "thoughts" ARE because I AM.  My "thoughts" are eternal (NOW) "lying back of" conscious thinking (time).  Rumi once said, "Behind all ideas of right thinking and wrong thinking, there lies a field.  I'll meet you there."  This unified field (undivided) is God.  "This field is already white with harvest", says Jesus.  God is the alone Power and needs or requires no external power or aid to fully Be.  "Things" require an aid to move, to act, to perform.  I AM that aid and a very Present Aid.

     There is no power in things!  What does this  mean?  Things, bodies, ideas cannot move, think, see, act, walk, hear, think, perform, do.  "They" are never the "doer".  Why?  "They" are never alive, never conscious. "They" have no little mind nor big mind.  "They" have no mind whatsoever, hence no power in things, bodies, cells, germs, poisons. bombs. etc.  All things  are in God, perfectly placed!  Body does not live nor move nor have its being in Me.  There is no life to body at all.  "If" such were the case, "I" could be partitioned, parted, made up of bits, parts--subtracted from, added to.  "If" body had life, then body would be God, Life.  My One-ness would be destroyed.  The more bodies, the more Gods--Gods many.  You cannot divide my cloak, my garment.  You cannot cast lots for My vesture.  Things, bodies appear to live, move, act, see, hear because they are in Life, in Consciousness, in Spirit, in Mind.  Therefore, it is Mind in Action, not the thing.

     Surcease does not lie in education, in "improving the human mind", in appearing to propagate MORE of the non-sense---more minds many.  There are not Gods many, minds many.  God is ONE.  Do you believe a heart, a liver, a grain of sand, a moon are made of different elements, different molecular structures?  If you do, you are hypnotized.  There is One Substance only and all are in IT.  I do know education does not agree with this.  So-o-o, just ponder this.  You cannot keep declaring that God is the only Substance (stuff) and still keep talking about elements, cells, atoms and such.

     "Education" appears to be a blessing ONLY when one finds God to be Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Intelligence. (This precludes or does away with "finite intelligence" for they are mutually exclusive states.)  And then "makes himSelf/herSelf AS God" does "education" appear to bloom where before there "appeared" a desert, a void, a barren lack of intelligence (or man-mind).  "Whom do ye say I AM?"  What is God to you?  Have you ever wondered why you can say "I" of your Self?  If you say you are in a body and can know only what the body sees and experiences, how do you know the earth is round; has your body been around it?  Has your body visited the sun, moon, Mars?  How do you know there is a sun or moon, a Jupiter, a solar system?  What is the extent of Me?  Omnipresence never "gives birth to" another Omnipresence!  Doesn't sin make a sinner?  Sin is ignorance (ignoring) of the Self.  Hold the sin in place and you can work and work to uplift the sinner until you fall flat in exhaustion and you will never complete the task.  Now five times five looks like seven, now two, now eighty, now six, now nine and on and on.

     The Fact, the Changeless Fact, the ceaseless Fact is that it has never been, never was nor will be other than its pristine, pure answer of twenty-five.  The nightmare of six, now eighty or what is not Real, is not Changeless.  Is not now Real.  Furthermore, you cannot "love" eighty into "becoming" twenty-five.  "Eighty" cannot be returned to the perfect state it never had.  Let it be what it is---a nothing, a falsity.  To separate the evil from the person (to love the enemy, to love those who persecute us), is completely, is totally, to be ignorant of the case that the person, the man, the man mind, the devil, the evil ARE the selfsame.

     Mind, God, Infinite Intelligence is no more "an instrument of God or for God" than is God an instrument for God!  Oh, yes!  We must bring in duality, we must account for man because the moment we have man-mind whether we call this man-mind "an instrument" of God or instrument of the devil--Oneness is thereby destroyed.  For now we have God AND an "instrument of God".  I repeat, Omnipotence means what it says and says what it means--ALL Power meaning Omniscience.  It means that "an instrument" would be something of use to God, therefore needed by God, Omniscience ItSelf.  "If" the Almighty needed its thought, patterns, in order to BE, then the ALONE One is no longer ONE (individual or undivided or single or non-dual or sole and only or without another, or One Alone or unapproachable, or One without a second, some other in addition).  Such gives account of man who thereby may weasel or worm around AT LEAST as an instrument, at least some accounting.  The little man who is not there, the child of a barren woman, the CREATION which never occurred (for NOW only IS) can be "accounted for" in the guise of being "an instrument" for God.  It is an attempt to make Mind a thing, something of which Awareness is Aware and to call mind an avenue of Awareness or an instrument of Infinite Intelligence is two, double-mindedness.  There are not two minds, "another" called an instrument avenue or what.  To rationalize for the sake of man is always "at the expense" of God, even though such rationale be in "the name of God" but has nothing to do with God.

     Everpresent NOW means eternity.  Eternity is void of time for time is a smoke and mirrors process of sashaying back and forth between a "wasness" and a "will be", neither of which EXIST for Existence IS, AM, BE and hard as you try, you cannot smudge it up with a "was" or a "will be".

      The I that I AM never was nor will the I that I AM "be later".  NOW transcends wases and will-bes.  Wases and will-bes cannot and do not ASCEND nor Descent.  What is NOW not is NOW not.   NOW does not ASCEND or DESCEND.  I repeat, NOW transcends, stands alone, transcends the present.  There is no coming or going, nothing with which NOW can be compared.  It IS.  NOW is Changeless BEING.  NOW is who and what I AM , yet I AM never dead.  I AM Changeless Action, Changeless Life, Changeless Goodness, Changeless Perfection.

     I AM completely unapproachable by another.  No one can use the Infinite One nor does the Infinite One "use" another as a channel, a guide, an instrument, a mind, or what!  There is no "other."  Can ignorance "use" Intelligence?  How?  Answer ME!  How could a personal, finite mind (existing somewhere beyond or outside of Infinity--remember, finiteness appears to shut out Infinite) benefit by or get into Infinite Intelligence?  Could it somehow attach itself and remain itself?  What does the saying, "No man (mind) shall see my face and live" mean to you?  No.  No.  At the slightest brush with Truth, the lie exploded.  Light leaves no darkness, no "little you" to be an instrument of or for God.  Light (Wisdom, NOW, Truth, God) is the forever exterminated of "another."  Outside Infinite Life nothing exists, therefore, no human identity!  How then can such be "accounted of" or known to or by Omniscience, God?

     There is no NOW in time and no time in NOW.  Do not "think" that NOW is just the present moment!  NOW is the absence of conscious thinking and conscious thinking shuts out or "appears" to be the absence of NOW.

     The Wholeness of Good Present leaves no evil of any name nor nature.  It leaves no little human mentality that can plot the destruction of or overthrow Spirit, act contrary to Omniaction, Perfect Good (God) Action.  If your body appears to be under-acting, or over-acting, do not attack body.  Look only to God concerning the works of God.  God is ceaseless Action, all action, NOT body.  The one who assumes otherwise, who assumes a personal mind that is so brilliant, so clever that it can work things out on its own is being totally stupid for he is working with conscious thinking.  AS Intelligence, AS the I that I AM can one behold and "do" that which is given to behold and "do".  For instance, an idea comes, and because concieved by Intelligence the idea is already complete, completed to Intelligence.  BUT, the personal mind tries to wrest the idea from Intelligence and begins to brew all sorts of argument, thinking the idea is personal, that it belongs to him/her.  But is there another mind?  You know anxiety, worry are not of God, so the minute the suggestion of such comes, start with Infinite Light wherein no worry, fear can be and stay with it until there is not a whisper of argument left.

     Quickly KNOW that a secondary arguing mind does not exist to tear down Infinite Mind or its already complete ideas.  Lo, be not anxious, concerned nor doubtful, and you will not be unless you "think" it was "your" idea.  Then, of course, this claiming it was your idea is all that is needed to scatter it and argue it into fractions.  Therefore, all Real Harmony, all Real Peace for all concerned is seemingly shut off, shut out!  All shoulders stooped and bent with the burden of personal conscious thinking appear even more put upon.  Spontaneity, Alertness, Aliveness has seemingly flown the coop.

     No!  God, Life, Awareness requires no thing, instrument, utensil or aid in order to BE.  God is Already Whole, Finished.  "If" God "needed" any body or thing to Be Complete, then, then, God would not be Complete!  Why?  Ideas will forever (everpresent NOW) be conceived yet the Holy (Whole) One lacks none of ItSelf for ItSelf is none other than All-Present.  Brand new, original ideas never will increase nor decrease Me for if it were not for Me, things would not be.  I have never given MYSELF, MY Substance to another and put them outside Me.  Things have never broken free and run.  Only I AM Substance and ideas are ideas, forms within Me, no more, no less. These ideas are Real (Permanent, undimensional, intact in the NOW), EXISTENT to Me.  No man sense can "see" this.  Only from Truth's viewpoint can this be beheld or known.  There is a theory  which says that God manifests himself in order to know Himself.  Again, this is the rationale of man and NOT in the slightest accord with Infinite Intelligence.  "I" cannot look upon evil for "I" AM everywhere Present.  There is no lack of Me.  "I" cannot be deleted, used up or messed up or changed up.  I AM fully Supplied with MySelf ONLY.

     Upon the slightest glance of Me man begins to vanish, for no man (Satan, evil, human mind) shall see MY face and live just as the Light knows not darkness for where Light is there appears no darkness nor assumption of darkness, evil, fear.  Light knows not darkness, knows not its opposite, knows not opposition or opposers.  Light can hunt and hunt for darkness and never find it.  

    Omnipresence has never been other than ALL-Present, cannot look upon evil.  Therefore, has never had a Son nor sent a Son to do clean-up work or to save an ailing human race.  To Omnipresence there is no ailing human nor human race to save or destroy.  For it NEVER was.  To light there is no darkness.

     Where God IS, there is no ailing human.  Death, poverty, discontent is an impossibility in NOW.  This is Truth.  But, if one tries to gain the opposite of these things via Truth, one will find colossal failure.  Why?  To try and rid oneself of these things is based on the belief in these things!!!  In other words, that there is lack!  Oh, yes indeed!  My senses tell me so and so (senses and me are the selfsame) and I don't dare question my senses!  My senses imply that Consciousness is not fully conscious, not fully Present, not fully Aware, not fully functioning, not fully Active, not fully Intelligent.  So, of course, I must go along with my senses, for to not do so would not make any sense at all!

     The way out is in and vice versa.  Find out What and Who feels, sees, "senses", hears, touches, knows.  This basis, this "sense", this ground, can be trusted without fail.  For eye has not seen, nor ears heard the things that are prepared for those who look to the Self (God) ONLY.

     And, if eye has not seen nor ear heard of this new dispensation, what good is the stuff you know, the graveyard of the past, your limited arguments spawned from what you have seen and heard?  You see, the argument that such and such did happen to me (past) is the same as Jack Nicholson being convinced that what that character he played did was his (Jack's) own doings!  Therefore, even when he walks off the stage and goes home, he carries the guilt and the grief and the suffering of a character he never was, is, nor has been.  (See January/February, 1994 letter).  As Jack Nichilson, he is never concerned about the antics of the character.  AS the character, he is bound by the play and all the character appears to do is him and he is stuck with that assumption.  It NEVER happened to Jack Nicholson even thought it looked like Jack Nicholson did the doings.  Well, to whom did it happen then?  NOBODY.  The character wasn't there was he?

     Just so, five times five is NOW and always has been twenty-five and never "became" it, nor ever "became" eighty, twenty, six or two.  What of the screwed up looking twenty, six or two.  It NEVER was!  Must we pray to make five times five equal twenty-five?  No.  It IS NOW twenty-five and cannot be changed of fixed.  "But, well, uh, I know you say it is, but listen, it is eighty or six....of that I am convinced...."


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With Love from MySelf,









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