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The Bellows > Letter from Tape 8W -- I ALONE CAN BE I

20 Feb 2011

Kay's comment on the Letter below...

God Self Adoration? What does that mean? Heaven is "heavenly"!  The feelings that belong to Heaven! 

What is this gorgeous feeling? FEEL it!  Feeling is truly the vision of Spirit.  Feel the exultation, the lifting, the feeling of a thing REAL to yourself.

Acknowledgement of Spiritual Good IS Conscious Union with God. It is far, far, beyond "meditation" in that it is active in FEELING and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT -- reveling in one's own wonder, beauty, BEING. The pristine knowing that one's innocence is intact ALWAYS!
All Love,


Letter from Tape 8W -- I ALONE CAN BE I

Dear So and So,

When I say turn to Truth, I mean begin with Isness, or Truth as it is… With Truth present, active, intelligent, infinite. The stuff, or Substance, the Being, the Identity… In other words, God's Self Adoration, God's Self Evaluation is the Prayer that faileth not.

A total acknowledgement, a starting with what IS.

Omnipresence IS.

How much of Omnipresence is present? Then an impostor can’t be present, can it?

Infinite Intelligence does not need Intelligence or Life. Life Is. Omnipresently IS.

If you see evidence of "needing" Life, you must understand, "Wait a minute!" Here you are seeing something that is fooling you.

Something is trying to show you that Life is not. This world tries to show you Life is not. When we say someone dies, what are you really saying? You are saying "Life dies," aren’t you?

You are in agreement that life dies, whereas Buddha’s last words were  "There is no death and no extinction of it."

You don’t rid the world of sin, disease, death… there isn’t any.

Buddha found this in his last few days -- but we just accept it, don’t we? Without really looking into it.

If Life is dead, then I am dead. So there ain’t nobody to talk about it anyway… Right??

If life is gone, there’s nobody to know it's gone. There’s not even oblivion because there’s no one to know or recognise a void…

See this! It is indicating something to you, this visible thing, this sense thing is indicating something to you. It's always an indicator. Use it as an indicator.

This is about Intelligence… which is RIGHT Identification. Seeing is Being and Being is Seeing. That’s what it's  about: LIFE I AM, Life is Life, not conditional or conditioned.

With Truth present, active, Intelligent, Infinite -- the Being, the Identity here Now -- therefore here in Truth, as Truth, the Alone Invisible I that I AM, (not a "sick " I nor an I that has done some wrong thinking, or failed to keep pure thought)… there is no mortal. The I that I am is immortal.

There is no unease. The I that I AM is eternal, perfect ease. Herein is Peace, quiet, plenty, joy and awareness of I Am -- that does not suffer, fear, grow old, sick or die. There is absolutely no Truth in humanity or its thinking. Which is what humanity is: a mistake; there is no humanity at all! NONE. There is but ONE AWARENESS.

What is humanity? That which dies, suffers, is crippled, that is full of misery, trouble and humping around. Isn’t that great? Don’t you want some more?

There is but ONE LIFE, namely the ALONE I THAT I AM.

There is no other Power, Presence, Authority, Identity, no other I AM Being… the ALONE ONE is ALL. ALL means ONE. ALL is the ALONE ONE ONLY.

The consciousness I AM is the substance of the Universe, the entirety of all things. Not one mote of this is destructible or alterable in any way.

The prayer of God is Truth, an Absolute certainty or UNDIVIDED CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of DIVINE ALLNESS.

This prayer of complete perfect wholeness, perpetually excludes the possibility of darkness or a lack of wisdom.

This certainty of perpetual wellness of the I that I Am leaves no struggling mentality, finite problems of who or where or what it is, or what will become of it. It leaves no notions of fear, of deprivations, no shortages, no misfunctions anywhere, because Omniaction is everywhere present in all its Self glorious certainty throughout Infinity.

The conscious absoluteness of Truth -- this is prayer now -- the Conscious Absoluteness of Recognition, God’s Self adoration, God’s Self praise, Gods Being is Love’s conscious Action, conscious use of Heaven here now. Here, in Serenity in spite of a seeming storm. Intelligence Self Identified.

Prayer can be identified as Self Conscious Awareness of ABSOLUTE Presence, of ABSOLUTE INTELLIGENCE, of ABSOLUTE HEALTH, the TOTALITY of Oneness, Totality of Peace, security…  satisfaction NOW and world without end.

All forms of human prayer are to get something that is supposedly lacking or to get rid of something. Human prayer is NEVER based on a sense of UNCHALLENGED PERFECTION.

God’s perfect undestructible, unchanging, unalterable Presence, on ONE I-Identity only, on that I-sense that is forever totally divine -- wherein there can be nothing alien, nothing foreign, nothing human or finite.

God is the SOLE and only power in this Universe and that Power is operating UNSPENT, forever NOW. That’s prayer, Self Adoration, Self Praise, Self knowing. A rejoicing that there is nothing to fix and nothing to heal.

Truth is a constant: un-fluctuating, changeless. Being constant, it is forever operative. It is ever-present, ever active, operating. It is the constancy of Being and that is why it is 100% trustworthy. "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee; I IS thee." No matter what … It is rock-like, ever present.


Please see that no recording, remembrance, no X-ray photos concerning, (in other words no records of) that which is NOT, could exist. There is NO RECORD of that which is not. All medical records are out the window, as there is no such as "hanging onto the time" when Omnipresence is not All.
In other words, taking a picture of the absence of God!!! That’s what a problem is… the absence of Good, God, Being.

Please see that the I AM, the intelligence, the awareness doing the examining, is the same I AM being examined, for there is no other I, Life. I ALONE CAN BE I. Is there another?? I know not any.

You cannot get around it, you are forever present, never absent.

For the Truth that God is, is the sole Truth of the I that I Am. This truth that I Am is NOW. Stick to this, stay with it. I don’t care how loud the condition is… it will fade and the place thereof shall know it no more.

Keep your thoughts from happenings, history, background, happenings to your body, circumstances. Why? Because God has nothing to know beside himself/herself to know!  (Unless you want to study nothing!! LOL.)

You can’t be that which is not… it's an impossibility to be or not to be! You BE, period. I is, existence is, period… axiomatic… self-evident.