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The Bellows > Leave Things Alone ... Why?

11 Mar 2013


Dear Friends,
Many of you are doing fine EXCLUSIVE ponderings upon pure Spirit and the terms for Spirit called the Omni's. And yet I still have the feeling that some of you still do not recognize that you are pondering the only Self---the very I that I am IS, that there is still separation from the indivisible One.  Why leave things alone? For the simple reason that you are NOT a "thing". That Indivisible one, that whole one is the very One being I and there is NONE "in addition" called Kay, Joe or Jim. THAT is the "name" of a THING or body----period.
This indivisible whole one is your sole, single, pure Identity---NOT the I am that you call a body, but THE I THAT I AM is this single, sole, pure, eternal, Awareness I am.  NEVER use "I am such and such" in pondering. It drags in the personal that you KNOW is impure so it sets up a fight inside.  Do not do this.
Use the I that I am or Wholeness Being All there is, the I in the midst of Me MUST be this Sole One.  Do you see the distance this gives?  How the "personal" one is effectively and summarily removed in your pondering?  (For instance, you ponder "purity".  And if you use "I am" instead of that which give distance, you drag in the personal knowledge of IMPURITY of the hoaxy human and an inner argument sets in motion without your even knowing it!!
Never, ever, want the things that you want or SEEM to need 'cause it is never the thing that you need.
If you will state Truth, pure Truth, acquaint thyself with thyself you will find you are Infinity and nothing can be added to you or nothing more can come to you.  You are satisfied and at peace.  Nothing can be taken from you, Awareness. In Awareness, or Awareness Being you, you will NOT find consternation or desolation Anywhere!
And, by George, you will find that you embrace or include within your Self Awareness, the "thing" you haven't got or don't seem to have.  (But BEWARE: If you are doing the pondering to "get" ANY THING besides the depths of the Truth of your Self, you will experience abysmal failure for the UN influenceable One is not a cleanup guy or your janitor.)
The ONLY reason you don't have the thing is because of Self denial-----or denying your own identity.  Being included, how would you ever make use of the thing or item
when you keep on denying you have it--declaring you don't have it?  And you don't have it because you have to DENY the Self FIRST in order to "not have it".
Denying your own wondrous, fun, exciting Identity at every turn, you have denied the ONLY PLACE the "thing" is.  You are smack dab in the mode of "denial of having".
The only "place" money, body, the digits, happiness and satisfaction IS is the Self that you Am, Is, Be.
Otherwise, you are as a branch cut off from the tree and there is nothing maintaining and sustaining the item.  You will never get the item outside Infinity or from "out there".
And the reason is that you ASSUME you live IN a body (like the cut off branch fighting for and laboring to maintain its sustenance) and that body is the "home" of your making money, of getting a job, laboring the body to get money, etc.  When you put your Self IN a body, there is NOTHING that can maintain and sustain that cut off self.  (In reality, this is still not true, but it will surely SEEM to be true as long as you pull that trick.)
DO NOT CONSIDER THINGS.  Leave 'em alone.  It is Being ONLY that is VALUE or TREASURE.
When you state Awareness Being I is TOTAL function, TOTAL HEALTH,
TOTAL PRESENCE, TOTAL WEALTH, TOTAL PURITY-----Total in its EVERLASTING, UTTER, FOREVER, ETERNAL Nowness----which ELIMINATES a past or a future and that ONLY what Infinite, TOTAL, SANE MIND is Being--- is all that is going on---ONE "Goodness" Omnipresently Being and IS ALL that is happening and ALL that is going on everywhere because Goodness Itself IS everywhere or it is no "where", then you are working Aright!  Does that leave anything else, anyone else beside?  NO.  For the I that I am is Awareness ONLY embracing the whole of your universe.  Its got to be whole, it has to be single or One, it has to be completely complete now and HAS NO ABILITY to be "incomplete" or "un whole" or "un holy".  In other words, Awareness is CHOICELESS  ...and Awareness, and Awareness ONLY, is BEING Me (you).  
Spirit is your sole Identity.
All Love,