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Writings from Friends > "Intimacy" by Tsenka

29 Mar 2008

The only true intimacy is Silence.


If one cannot be intimate with Oneself, one cannot be intimate with so-called "others".


There is no intimacy in sound, pictures, objects.


Intimacy is sacred.


Intimacy is non-locatable. It is never related to or dependent on objects. 


Intimacy is Being.


Intimacy is Now. Now is the only intimacy that there is.


Now is all-inclusive. Intimacy is all-inclusive.


If it is not ALL-inclusive -- it is not intimacy.


There is no opposition in intimacy.


Intimacy is without fear and without expectation.


Intimacy is total accepting and allowing.


Intimacy is in the absence of judgment.


Intimacy is when there is no resistance.


Intimacy is desireless.


Intimacy is Self-admiration -- Self perceiving/conceiving Itself.


Love ts