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Writings from Friends > "Alchemy - JOY & bitterness" by Trudy

26 Apr 2008



Such joy amidst the glimpses of deep darkness... generally not "long" in either case.  Always "endurable"... and ever balanced in a quiet PEACE that protects and elucidates.

Here is a Rumi poem of "drinking the bitter cup", and above, a graphic of the Child's Wild Ride of JOY!


Grief settles thick in the throat

and lungs: thousands of sorrows

being suffered, clouds of cruelty,

all somehow from love. Wail and be

thirsty for your own blood. Climb

to the execution place. It is time.

The Nile flows red: the Nile flows

pure. Dry thorns and aloe wood are

the same until fire touches. A

warrior and a mean coward stand here

similar until arrows rain. Warriors

love battle. A subtle lion with

strategy gets the prey to run toward

him, saying Kill me again. Dead

eyes look into living eyes. Don't

try to figure this out. Love's work

looks absurd, but trying to find a

meaning will hide it more. Silence.

-- Ghazal (Ode) 1138

Version by Coleman Barks

"The Soul of Rumi"

HarperSanFrancisco, 2001