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Writings from Friends > "All Love = Substance" by Tsenka

11 May 2008

All Love = Substance

The dying is already dead.


Life Eternal is already Life eternal. It does not need saving ... It just is.


All Love is the only Presence.


All Love is the ONLY Substance.


All Love is Existence.


Existence is All lov-ing.


All Love knows only itself. What else would All Love know?


ONLY All Love is ALIVE.


ONLY All Love exists.


Only All Love is POTENT.


Only life is alive.


Only All Love is alive.


Only All Love is REAL, Permanent, Timeless, Changeless, PERFECT.


Wanting, needing, lacking is DREAMING ... There is no ACTION to dreaming.


All Love is All Action.


Timeless action. VERTICAL.


Simultaneous, like explosion. 


All action is a vertical explosion. NOT a consequence of movement in time/space.


Explosion is simultaneous, at any point.


Explosion is motiveless. Spring is explosion. Without any purpose, without direction. Without a cause. Without any motive. Spring is.


Awareness is ALL Action, ALL Love.


Awareness is changeless.


All Action is changeless.


Awareness is Independent.


All action is independent.


All action is independent of form.


All action = all glory. All Self glorification = All Lila.


All is conceived/perceived within the SELF


As a baby is conceived within the womb.


There is a womb without a baby (embryo) but there cannot be a baby (embryo) without the womb.


Love and Gratitude: TS