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Writings from Friends > "True Love" by Tsenka

20 May 2008

True Love is the opposite to what we call "love".

True Love resurrects.

It does not criticize nor condemn ever, even for a flicker of a second.

True love gives, it does not demand nor want.

True love pours out without any expectation and concern.

True Love heals, regenerates, lifts up everything and everybody.

True Love melts, it does not solidify.

True Love is Rest. It does not battle to be Love.

True Love is complete, it does not look for completion outside of itself.

True Love is pure unadulterated Joy. Total Innocence.

True Love inspires.

As in the presence of the Sun all beings open up -- flowers open petals, grass grows, birds sing -- in the same way True Love "works". 

True Love has no opposition.

True Love is non-locatable.

True Love is total harmony, without any flicker of an argument.

True Love radiates ceaselessly.

True Love is silent.

True  Love is free of memories and concepts.

True Love is dynamic, new, moment by moment.

True Love never gets bored nor tired.

True Love only experiences itself.

True love is without any obligation.

True Love is spontaneous.

Motiveless spontaneity.

True Love is free of memories and desires.

True Love is care free.

True Love is listening.

True Love is without limitations.

True Love is changeless.

Beginning-less and endless.

Immovable. Invisible.


Nothing can be added or taken away from it.

True Love IS.

Love: ts