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Writings from Friends > "Navigation and the Constitution" by Katy

22 May 2008

Dear Kay, something prompted me to write the following... and then I found by some absolute miracle (considering my organizational skills) the tape I wondered about  [ 7Z   I, ME – ONLY    4-29-97 ] ...and then I found the real meaning of this article, at least for me.  You just never know how 'IT' is going to show up, do you!!

Love, Katy






My husband was both a fighter and a commercial pilot. The other day I asked him, if you are traveling 1000 miles from point A to Point B, but have a one degree deviation at the point of origin, how far from point B will you arrive? He dusted off his early navigational skills and determined a distance of 17.5 miles, a significant miss.


What prompted the query was contemplating the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Today people refer to those documents as "living." Well, the Constitution should be considered as dead as Latin. They are both ground zero. There is no deviation, no mutation, no compromise that does not distort the destination of the Constitution: the preservation of freedom.


Look at what has happened to the beautifully simple, clear wording of the First Amendment. Students may now accost their teacher as an 'effing B' under freedom of speech. But mention the word God, and the wrath of the establishment descends. The right to "peaceable assembly" has degenerated into the freedom of speech to assail anyone who is speaking on a topic not considered socially correct and acceptable.


The Second Amendment is equally affected. As I have ascertained from some investigation, the original impetus of gun control was a racist action to keep guns out of the hands of Negroes. When 2nd Amendment rights were raised, it was then contrived that any gun must meet the same description of what the military actually carried. The barrel length became a determining factor. A tax about 10 times the cost of a rifle/shotgun was imposed on any barrel exceeding this length.

So people sawed off their barrels to meet the criteria. And don't we all know how dastardly a "sawed-off shotgun" is? Then the revenuers really entered the act: such an altered firearm was tax evasion! The rest is history.

The steps from A to B to C to D are in fact gibberish resulting from that original point of deviation from point A, when it was abused to achieve a particular agenda. Today the result is thousands of laws, all to no avail --  the courts and law books clogged. Only law-abiders are curtailed. Criminals run amok.


I can't help but think we have a parallel to this game end-run around the 2nd Amendment. I frankly don't think most folks are interested in owning guns, but what do we have to arm and protect ourselves instead? The ballot, the vote. It is as potent as a bullet in its own way.


Well, society and the educational institutions are systematically disarming the citizenry as responsible, knowledgeable voters. Instead of objective, rational, practical, empirical, scientific education, our children have for years now been brainwashed with diversity, sensitivity, feeling good, and with how dastardly and destructive we humans are. A child cries inconsolably, learning that a tree was killed to make her bed. A trip to the grocery store is killing a polar bear.


We are tax-payer funding the disarming of our voting citizenry by polluting education. Rather than blind environmentalism, it is proper education and development of technology that lead to a cleaner environment. Our re-descent into the dark ages will parallel the dismal decline of the Arabian world from one of the finest and most erudite civilizations into their current chaos. Where objective rationalists are replaced by ideologues, hell is at hand.


I cannot remember the source of the quote, I think from a Peloponnesian War history, but in essence it said, "When man acts reasonably, reasonable results will ensue. But when man acts without reason, God does not choose to follow the the wanderings of the human mind."


Beware the least deviation from point A. The nice warm waft of a spring breeze or of popular opinion may "feel good," but if it alters your course even one degree, you are meat on the table of some hidden agenda. Our daily Constitution must rest upon reason rather than emotion, and this is the job of the individual -- not the government. It is the job of a proper education to prepare us for this most sacred duty.


There is safety in numbers from the ground up. Nelson Eddy sang, "Give me some men who are stout hearted men..." Well, start me with ONE who's a stout hearted man and I'll soon give you 10,000 more...!

The path to freedom is a singularly straight razor's edge. And it starts and ends with I, ME-ONLY...one-ly.