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Writings from Friends > "Exchange Your Life!" by Don

5 Jul 2008

Exchange Your LIfe!

Folks are apparently under the impression that they can get a new life and by getting this "new life" they will find happiness (or even "enlightenment").

In a recent Reuters article, a fellow in Australia decided to sell his life -- to auction it off.  The article read, "When Ian Usher's partner of 12 years left him broken-hearted, he decided the best way to move forward was to auction his whole life, in one job lot."  Folks (though totally unaware) that are unhappy with the way things are, now have an option:
get rid of their things.

This is what Kay calls "redecorating the jail cell".  Little do they know, that which is the root of the unhappiness will move with them from one phase of their "life" to "another".  Now it just wears a new hat -- that hat still sits on the same old frazzled head.  (As an aside, this brings to mind Douglas Harding's teaching "On Having No Head", which is truly a cheerful idea, one that these woe-be-gone wayfarers should deeply consider.)

There are those who sincerely believe that they can take their life and exchange it for another.  There is no human who
has a life to exchange.

There are those who take what they perceive Truth to be (not what it IS) and attempt to combine this distortion with their personal philosophy.

A friend even said to me recently that the way to go is to "exchange" your life for another one.  Well, if it is a life
that one is presently aware of (in one's own mind) then it can't (and won't) be much different from the one presently being "lived" by said one.  The life that is beyond the sorrows of vacillating humentality is LIFE.  This Life is not for one hewing to man.  This Life is not known to "man who's breath is in his nostrils" who goes from life to life to life, learning all the way; improving and evoluting and becoming -- being "led to the Light".  This Light is darkness (dark ignorance).

What of Present Perfection?  What of Life in all of its Hallowed Glory?  What of the Life that is EVEN NOW pure as the driven snow?

The human "existence" cannot and has never been molded into Divine Life.  The belief in humanhood drops.  No personal one drops it.  It is extinguished, like the darkness in a room after a light has been turned on -- it is nowhere to be found.  It is like unto seeing the bright  reflections on a lake at noon-day, one KNOWS,
upon seeing, that the sun is in the sky (not the moon); one does not "think" this or do something to bring this knowing about.

THIS can be said to APPEAR as exchanging one life for another, but try and find the old life.  If it existed, there would be vestiges of it; there would be wreckage.  The false Identity cannot be taken to the altar of Existence. There IS NO FALSE IDENTITY.  There seems to be a false sense of one, but there is no proof of its existence.

Ian, the Australian mentioned above, has a website, www.alife4sale.com, where he is selling his life (choosing eBay to handle his liquidation).  The site opens cheerily: "Hi there, my name is Ian Usher, and I have had enough of my life! I don't want it any more! You can have it if you like!"

This is about as far afield from "Is this all there is?" as one can get.  Ian (and so many others) seems to think the answer is in different, indeed "better" things, circumstances -- not
no value in things at all.

This does seem to pose a conundrum, doesn't it?  One that is as old as time.  "What can I do to get out of this miserable human existence?"  The answer...

Find out who asks this question.

All Love,