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Writings from Friends > "Light" by Don

7 Jun 2008

In the beginning which had no beginning and knows no end

-- timelessness --

is the Light.

The Light is with the Light, nay,

The Light IS the Light.

All things are included in the Light,

and without the Light, there are no things.

The Light is Life.

This Life is the Light of all things.

The Light shines in the darkness,

and the darkness cannot understand or know the Light.

The Light knows nothing of the darkness.

It is the One Light that is Life.

All things are of the Light, yet

Light remains the ONLY Life.

Inclusions are naught of themselves.

Things seem to exhibit qualities of the Light, which is Life, but

the qualities belong to the Light.

The Light's inclusions are infinite -- as infinite as the Light.

All inclusions are present in all "places" simultaneously,

which is the ONE place-less place.

If Light is present, its inclusions are present.

Light IS present.

ONLY Light is Present.

Light is changeless.

Light is Timeless.

Light is solitary.

Light is Life.

Light is,



Below is "Light" (as a feather)

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