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Writings from Friends > "Dream" by Hannah

10 Dec 2008

Dear Kay,


I had a very intense dream the other night starring YOU... you asked me where I lived and I told you the physical address of my place.


Then you said to me "The family accuser is very strong."  I have been pondering this statement and in-seeing how much of the external appears as a judgment of 1) being different... and therefore, not like the "others"... and, of course, therefore, "not good" and 2) critical of whatever I do and how I do it... very profound.


And out of this a poem came through:


You came to me in dreams last night.

You shook the world apart (again!).

You asked "Where do you live?"

I could not say "the heart."


"My" heart is variable - it changes with the wind.

But THE HEART is stabilized - and only found within.


This Heart that lies in the midst of ME

(Also known as "I")

Has no judgment - sees perfection - cannot see the lie.


Knows no-thing different from Itself,

And therefore only ONE.

Pureness, wholeness, and completion.

Always known as LOVE.



All Love,