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Writings from Friends > "Loosing the Bondage of Mis-Identification" (Alchemy) by Don

17 Jul 2008

Loosing the Bondage of Mis-Identification (Alchemy)

If I am seeing a discord in my experience, then I look to the seen as a depiction of what is present inside this consciousness as a block; as a belief; as a mis-perception.

What am I wanting from another?  What am I declaring as absent that I have placed out there in another?

I do not need anything from any"body". 
Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils; for wherein is he to be accounted of?

If I am not satisfied now, I will never be.

If I am not happy and complete Now, then I will never be.

I have simply mis-identified the false appearance as a reality.

Things cannot
do anything for "me".  There is no "me" that is in need, so to declare such, seemingly sets up a seeming false-sense.

I do not need approval, kindness, courtesy, assistance or praise from another.  They are of no account to the Completeness being I.  Needing would imply a state of less-than-completeness and no such state exists.  If I am aware of a seeming absence of anything then that thing MUST BE PRESENT, yet I declare it absent.

As I am the Light of my world; if that Light be darkness, and I then try to wipe out that darkness, then my second estate (trying to fill an imaginary void) is worse off than my first (the belief in the existence of a void).

Likewise I cannot be hurt nor hindered by another -- save I put that power in his or her hands.

If I have done anything to another, if any have ought against me, then I must "leave my gift before the altar" and return again after I have reconciled the error.  What is the error?  I thought that another could do something for me.  I have demanded something of them they do not have; thus, I have placed them in bondage and I have placed MySelf in bondage.  I HAVE DONE IT -- NO OTHER ONE IS TO BLAME. 

Ought is duty and obligation.  No one is under a duty or an obligation to me. 

In my demanding, I have caused them to react in defense.  I have laid a burden upon their shoulders that is not theirs to bear.  I release them.

BEARING GIFTS TO THE ALTAR -- I DO NOT APPROACH IN SUPPLICATION WITH A REQUEST OR A DESIRE.  The simple gift is of right identification.  The fruit of right identification is freedom FOR ALL, for the ALL IS Already Free.

As things are present as inclusions in the Awareness I AM, I need not search for them, nor need I attempt to declare that I know better than Awareness what is the true function of a thing.  To declare that a situation is bad or evil is sheer ignorance; it is ignorance of the fact that ONLY GOOD IS HAPPENING NOW.  ALL THAT WAS MADE IS MADE BY GOD AND THAT WHICH IS NOT MADE BY GOD WAS/IS NOT MADE.

A person, place, thing or situation CANNOT of itself be evil or be in error, for it would have to be endowed with Power, Divine Awareness, in order to function in opposition to the ONE Omnipresent Divine Awareness -- Being Itself, HERE/NOW.

If I be bound, let me be yoked to MySelf AS MySelf -- and NO OTHER.

If I have eyes, let them be Spiritual Eyes that see no iniquity -- for these eyes see NO OTHER. 

As I see MySelf appearing as, let me know that it is MySelf I see -- and NO OTHER.

If there be judgment, let it be the Righteous Judgment that is devoid of condemnation -- and NO OTHER.


Be Still and Know that God is the ONLY Power -- and NO OTHER.

All Love,