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Writings from Friends > "Forgiving Ignorance" by Don

15 May 2009

Forgiveness is visioning through ignorance.

Neither do I condemn thee... thy soul is perfect.  If I condemn you... I am condemning MySelf.  For there is no separation in Soul, in Incorporeal Awareness.

Ignoring Absolute Completeness spawns a sense of incompleteness, resulting in wanting something, claiming that one's Self is incomplete, that there is something missing in Self (Omnipresence), and if one can be aware of it in ANY way, then it is PRESENT -- NOT missing.  Who can be blamed for this mistaken seeing... a mistake that never really happened?

If, for a moment, you find yourself looking to another for the good that is inherent in you (which is what motivates ALL wrong-action), that is ignorance (ignoring your own true good).  If this is what motivates your action, how can I condemn you?  I myself, at times, seem to fall prey to such delusion.

If, by some accident of misidentification on my part, I feel abused by you, taken advantage of or hurt by your actions, then I forgive myself and ask that you be forgiven (loosed from the bondage of beliefs and misidentification) as well.  It surely is my misjudgment that engendered these feelings in me and NOT your actions.  I may respond with the appropriate emotion, but if there are residuals hanging around, I must go inside my own being and find the error -- MY error -- and correct it; CONSCIOUSLY CORRECT IT.

I cannot love erroneously motivated actions and I would NEVER be asked to.  If I seem to be just too entangled in this situation, and am standing as a block in the Pathway of Forgiveness (the clarity of non-condemnatory perception), I ask that I be used as an avenue of and for Forgiveness (Divine Love), for I of myself cannot do it, and there is no other self that can be dissolved.  What is my seeming part in the unfoldment of this forgiveness... surrender. 

The moment it is seen... truly seen... that I of myself CANNOT play a part in this, then the false sense that IS the block is rendered, rended, fashioned into surrender.  No one has surrendered; surrender has happened.  All false-perception is withdrawn from the situation and in this sentient silence where no thinking mind dwells, a salve is spread over the error... the salve that heals, that reveals, that washes clean.  The fullness, the pristine PRESENCE of Being is ALL THAT CAN BE FOUND -- and at that moment, none is Present save Being, no other that can know this fact.

Humanity plays no part in Forgiveness.

As Being takes its rightful place at the forefront of Life and AS Life, THIS LIFE, then life will no longer be determined by the action, presence or seeming absence of things -- be they deemed "good" or "bad" (by me or another).  A thing only seems to function for benefit or detriment if I judge it.  I (the I of ME) cannot be added to nor taken from, so no visible "thing" can have any consequence on my Being.

I need want nothing.  I need not want you to stop acting a certain way or start acting another way -- nor need I expect that of myself.  The guise of false appetites is what colours every beautiful thing ugly -- this wanting, this desire to change the Perfection that Life is.  Perfect Life knows nothing of this erroneous state... it does not exist... so one can easily see how hewing to this error can create a seeming rift, a distortion in The Perfect Presence of THIS seamless finished Kingdom.

The WHOLE Perfect Kingdom of Peace is functioning RIGHT NOW... if it is ignored, it is not the fault of Life.  One-pointed vision will allow no contrary suggestions a foothold in this place, this place of Peace, where nothing has EVER entered, in all eternity, and will NEVER enter to defile the Only Life that is PRESENT right here, right NOW as I AM.

All Love,