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16 Jun 2009

Dear Kay:

That letter you sent out HAD to be your FINEST!!! THANK YOU! I've read it over and over and it's just wonderful! I love your "spider" reference (great visualization and makes so much sense:) In fact, it seems that all around me is that way -- comes from within to the without -- be it a seed sprouting a plant or an acorn with an oak inside:) The Invisible to the Visible.

I also keep hearing the word, "Light." I even turn (physically) and just look at a lamp. And, I have a "yes" moment -- like a recognition while looking at the light. And meditation comes with eyes open and that force or energy or Peace or whatever you call it ALWAYS courses down it seems from my neck/chest area into my torso (has happened this way since 1996 or may '94). And that exhale comes and that Peace washes over me... Seem to have an easier time meditating lately... thank you.

Also, have been listening to the oldies but goodies on the website, like this morning (David listened with me). Can't remember which it was or what you said but that's fine by me, cause I got it:) More and more, along with chairlegging (every thing imaginable -- it's amazing how many things there are to chairleg), I am catching the thought -- that damn talking snake voice. And immediately ask, "Who is that talking? Is it me? NO! Then it just HAS to be NOBODY!" Right.

Then, a moment ago, I was watching Glenn Beck and outta nowhere I realized I'd never heard my own VOICE. That this "voice" that comes out of this Jamie-suit mouth is not MY voice. I mean, if I've never seen my face, then I certainly have never heard my voice. And then it occurred to me that since I'd identified with the Jamie mouth voice as being me, then those thoughts that "sound" like Jamie Voice were no different! Given that, I realize this Jamie Voice isn't me and those thoughts aren't either cause they sound like Jamie Voice. A case of "Mistaken Identity!"

Anyway, you may think this sounds nuts (cause it does kinda sound nuts to me but who is this one who thinks it sounds nuts -- it's that Jamie Suit Voice/Thought which is the little woman who isn't there). Thought is like a tape recorder playing backwards and forwards, as it seems to collect data like a computer. It truly is just a mechanism, like you say.

I love you,