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Writings from Friends > "The Need to Forgive" by Tsenka

19 Jun 2009

Infinite Supply leaves no place for "forgiveness". It nullifies all need to "forgive".
The NEED TO FORGIVE is proportionate to the sense of LACK.
When there is a sense that someone has wronged another, this basically is saying that someone owes something to another. It makes no difference what... money, recognition, love, appreciation, care, companionship. In one word one says: "I lack". And someone out there has the capacity, the ability to give or withhold from me.
The key word is LACK. LACK. LACK. THE SENSE OF LACK IS THE PROBLEM... not the nature of the seeming insult.  
Also the need to forgive is proportionate to the sense of doership. I of myself can do something good or bad. This is suffering. It is projected out there as "they" -- others can do something to me: good or bad. In proportion to the sense of doership entertained here arises the sense of having to or needing to forgive someone out there.
When I am REST, aware of all doing as impersonal doing, then I take no credit for anything and give no credit to anybody out there. I take power from "out there", free "them" (effect, ideas) from expectation, demanding, wanting , a sense of "you owe me". Then I just abide in and as joy, beholding the beauty of the Self that I be, that all be. The Self that is being all, not all being Self. And this is freedom and laughter and fulfillment and beauty. I behold all doing.
I recognize, acknowledge, rest and behold.
However the moment I start believing that I of myself am the doer, that there is a personal doer, then I miss the mark. Sin arises (missing the mark). And then as I do to so-called others, they will seemingly do to me.
It is not how much good or bad I seem "to do" that defines whether I am sinful or not (missing the mark or not). It is to what degree I am entertaining the belief of doership that determines the degree of sin (missing the mark). To this degree I am violating the Self that I be, the Rest that I be, being moved purely by motive, rather than by Effortless Motiveless Love and Joy. To this degree I am going to be "wronged" by others. To this degree I will feel the need to forgive.
Forgiveness is about freeing oneself from a sense of doership. The moment I am aware of all action as impersonal, all-good action --this nullifies the need to forgive, destroys the sense of "enemies". I of myself can not be right. I of myself can not be wrong (guilt nullification). Nobody of themselves can be right . Nobody of themselves can be wrong. REST. NO friends . NO enemies. The Friend is the ONLY ONE. There is no other.
Thank You for Listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love t