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Writings from Friends > "I AM not at the 'mercy of' things!" by Trudy

7 Jun 2009

I AM not at the "mercy of" things!

HERE-NOW STANDS the Infinite Awareness, looking through a "me" with a name and a body. AMAZING!

The LIGHT projects through the "veil" or "film" that is draped over the LIGHT. This veil or film is patterned, colorful, unique. It is a fabric of thought, of imagination. It is a many-splendored "thing."

LIGHT thrills to "press through" the veils, the coverings. This is the passion or "desire" of LIGHT. To SHINE upon imagery, to display it, to engage it, to examine it, to reflect upon it, to FIND ASPECTS of ITSELF -- this is the non-doing DOING of de-LIGHT!

When LIGHT discerns it-SELF, it finds exquisite JOY. When LIGHT dispels "unlikeness" it again reJOYces!

What is there, made up of the shadows and reflections (imagery), that can argue with LIGHT? Is there a shadow or a reflection that "exists" apart from LIGHT? Can a shadow "bite" the LIGHT? LOL! Ridiculous!!

There is no "thing" that can challenge the LIGHT. The "things" appear because LIGHT IS. When BRILLIANT LIGHT SHINES, what image can still even abide? The BRILLIANCE makes "all else" impossible to SEE.

I AM not at the "mercy of" things... The things abide because I AM.