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Writings from Friends > "The word of the day... LOL" by Don

30 May 2009

This word from Latin has the essential meaning of "one who completes something".  In English the underlying verb,
perpetrate, was first used in laws referring to crime, bringing about the current negative association, and the mildly charming clipped form, perp.

Very interesting... the word of the day was "perpetrator".  Funny the instant associations that the word brings up.  The "perp", or one who takes something (commits the crime) is the human mind who "takes" thought... the dirty thief... who tries to steal away what belongs to ONE ALONE.  Once "taken", that which is the object of the taking, must then be upheld by the human-thinking-mind, for the "thing" is without substance of its own [thus seemingly being separated from the idea -- a branch cut off from the tree (this can also be a situation, not just what is commonly thought of as a "thing")].

Giving ALL to God is the recognition that, all that was made is made by God and that which was not made by God was/is not made.  All being of God, a thing is either of God (ALL GOOD-Whole-Completeness) or it is NOT at all.

One actually IS completeness that is inclusive of ideas with "things" being the representations thereof.  Soooo... "One" who completes something is actually Completeness ALREADY -- ALREADY Completeness.  Not really an action but the AMness of Being... that which Already IS cannot and does not "come into being" (though it may be said to appear to do so).

All Love,