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Writings from Friends > "The Reality of True Value" by Don

in responce to "Gold Standard" by Teri
8 Feb 2009

Dear Kay,

Teri's writing on The Gold Standard is one of the clearest writings I have ever read and it should be spread across the planet and translated into every language in existence.  Much has been revealed recently after watching the Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve video.

During an artist's workshop I attended a week ago, the Reality of True Value just exploded.  The sad state of current "currency" affairs was exposed as well.

Most have attempted to transfer
Value to pieces of paper (a physical thing that has come to be accepted to be the value) and have taken it to have intrinsic worth -- OF ITSELF.  REAL Value, True Value is inherent in the invisible and cannot be torn therefrom and placed elsewhere.  Value NEVER leaves its source -- NEVER.  Through agreement (and often for convenience), True Value has been carried upon the vehicle of paper currency, but True Value has been confused with its vehicle (which currently is even worthless as a vehicle).

One may work and then receive coin/currency in payment for his/her work.  This coin is representative of the employer's True Value.  He is trading it with the employee for his/her True value.  The employer's value is his keen sense of business, marketing, and his skill at implementing these.  The employee's True Value is his skill at producing the item that the employer sells.

The same scenario could also appear as...  A tailor needs some shoes and a cobbler needs a suit.  Each having intrinsic Value (the tailor's tailoring ability and the cobbler's cobbling ability), one would come to an agreement of what would be an equal trade of his/her True Value and each would be able to attend an event fully clothed (and in the highest quality apparel too.... when one freely gives of one's True Value, he/she holds perfection and quality in its highest regard.  When his/her True Value is demanded of him/her (by government mandate) then True Value is being STOLEN, and one of Integrity would not be apt to give his full Value in response to baseless expropriation).

Almost everyOne has turned away from True Value only to settle for a substitute... even less than that: a pseudo-value. Thus, look at the mess.  It is like sitting down to a meal that consists of pictures of food and not food itself.  Paper currency, of itself, is worthless.  As a vehicle of True Value, it is still worthless, but THAT WHICH IT CARRIES is the Worth and its Value has NOT BEEN TRANSFERED to the paper currency -- it cannot be.

When one places value in these paper notes, one begins to loose sight of ONE's OWN intrinsic Value.  When one's major focus, his/her driving force is the possession of the paper notes (having forsaken his/her own WORTH/VALUE (his/her intrinsic Self-Completeness), then one will do anything to get more bits of worthless paper.  Thus we see the artist working at the fast food counter, the architect selling lawnmowers and the musician peddling pots and pans.  Now, there are those who seem to naturally find themselves selling fast food, lawnmowers and pots and pans... but that is what
they do.  Being True to True Value will find one naturally doing what one naturally does, NOT what one has conjured up as a plan with the motive of getting more paper notes.

You will not see a righteous man (one Self-Identified) begging bread.  The cobbler cobbles.  The baker bakes.  The musician sings.  A cobbler doesn't sell fast food.

As more and more come to abide in the Reality of Life and not give free license to ignorance, placing True Value where it has no place, we will see amazing clarity as the order of the day.  No longer will the acceptance of what is easy and comfortable be the path that one chooses for one will be forced to take the path of Rightness, whether he/she wants to or not.

We can USE money as a vehicle for True Value, never loosing sight of what it really is and what is really happening, not just unconsciously going through life asleep to Reality.

All Love,