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6 Feb 2009

Gold Standard
This is in response to the movie link for Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve... I got to see it with a bunch of libertarians at the public library today too.  This makes the 5th time I have seen it, and think I will watch it again later.
The phrase "gold standard"  is not just a definition for an economic system.  We use "gold standard" to mean anything we consider to be the highest of quality.  The Concord is the "gold standard" of flight technology.  We want to buy electronics, cars, clothes, food that is considered the "gold standard" of their said categories.  Hell, even my dry cleaners is called Gold Standard Dry Cleaning.
I looked up this word in the on-line dictionary, and its definition is just BEAUTIFUL:  A model of excellence, a paragon, an ideal instance, the perfect embodiment of an idea. 
How does a duck know another duck?  When one begins to ponder one's own excellence, one's very own individual (undivided) gold standard, one's own INTELLIGENCE, then one finds themselves being drawn to, and drawing to, all things of the like.  
With the monetary system of the gold standard, there are no credits or debits.  What you see is what you get.  A=A.  An ounce of gold is worth just that (it's so NOW, 'cause even though the price of gold may vary, it is ALWAYS worth ITSELF).  Banks would not give hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold to anybody. Even a fool would loan out that which is worthless, and only a fool would ask for it.
With the Gold Standard, All things are measured by their GOLD worth, seen as gold, calculated into gold, viewed as gold in another form (a house is bought in gold, redeemable in gold, sold for gold).  Just as ALL things are in SELF, must be SEEN as SELF, must be viewed as its VALUE of SELF in its various forms.  The GOLD STANDARD is indeed an embodiment of a spiritual idea.  And ideas are bulletproof. 
I was really thinking about this concept of debt/credit.  This very thing is such illusion.  SELF has no negative or positive, no opposites, or it would not be one -- it would be many.  But we have been mesmerized into this, being all we know (and it is not a knowing) about supply.  Either you owe someone or someone owes you.  We are always looking for ways to get more credit and lose more debt.  And in doing so we get more debt and lose more credit.   And so it goes with all things human....
IN REALITY, there is never debts or credits.  There is just infinite supply which is demonstrated by infinite GIVING.  And really, supply is never fully demonstrated on the human level because even if one possessed all the gold, money, jewels, and oil on the planet, it is limited.  It would eventually run out.  We NEVER even scratch the surface of what infinite supply really is.  Pondering this is enough to put one in silence for days!
But we do have to come face to face with our so called debts, and look at them from this place of AWARENESS.  See how we ASKED to be indebted, how we looked out from human eyes and thought we were in "need" and sought human solution and therefore have reaped the results of that.  And to loose those that we "owe" and let them go.  And for those that we feel owe US, same thing.  Look out how REALLY, it is you who felt you owed them.  Lots of feelings of guilt and fear will surface, but that is always okay.  All of this seems to somehow bring you to stillpoint. To the WHOLENESS of your BEING.  But you have to do the footwork! You gotta face it!  This is not for the lazy and the time is NOW. Repent, so to speak, and don't do it anymore.  Quit being stupid. 
In peering into this it seems to spawn, ironically, the urge to pour out to those very principles that you have come to value, therefore eliminating the need for credit/debit.  For instance, you may feel pushed to give money to an organization that you know to be speakers of truth, protectors of freedom, and the like.  Financial support seems to flow in to those ideas worthy of it (any worthy idea is in its very nature giving in return, so there is no debit/credit... just a constant flow of giving), and  things not worthy fade away (really, who in their right mind would give money to the government? It would fade away... choked out at the root).  But who WOULDN'T love to give money to something that rings of truth, freedom, intelligence?   It is just an expression of supply.  Money appears to be given to Ron Paul, he in return defends our constitution.  Money appears to be given to a college student, who in return contributes greatly to the world in which we live. Even mundane things, such as giving money for a juicy piece of fruit that gives much pleasure.  It's constant, ceaseless outgo, inflow.  There is no feeling of "sacrifice".  You WANT to do it. You WANT to pour out to that which you value, love. 
If the government really had to pony up to its debts and pay with GOLD, which has REAL value, then 99% of all government funded programs would cease, since they offer no REAL value to us as citizens of this country.  Yet, I bet most of us would be GLAD to give money for roads, fire department, lighted streets, public restrooms, etc.  Things of VALUE.  Value ALWAYS equals VALUE. Always EQUALS ITSELF.  And like all things in BEING, it is individual.  I may find fancy shoes to be of utmost value, where my neighbor may only find value in fine dining.  Isn't that just gorgeous?  That ONLY in oneness and INDIVIDUAL is the outpicturing of our world FULL and LUSH? 
Never, never, never will we get to the bottom of it, but it is a blast taking the fall! 
Teri M. Ryan