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Writings from Friends > "True Friendship" by Don

4 Feb 2009

Why do I love you?
I just can't say...
your Essence cannot be put into words;

but, the words that leave your lips,
they are carried by that Essence---
that certain unique something (that is not a thing)
that makes you, You.

When you see My Essence
and I see yours...
This is True friendship:
the greatest bond that there is.

Beyond the borders of a body
It is the bondage that is Free--without chains,
where One can see One's self
peering through the other One's eyes.

At night, when we have dinner,
there is only one dinner guest
enjoying the flavors, the music, the wine...

The joke teller and the One who hears
both laugh together, don't they?
It is One laughter.

When we gaze at the moon,
the One who sees includes the moon
and these two bodies.

All the beauty we see is because of the seeing,
not what is seen.
Even a withered garden takes on new life,
when our seeing brings Life to it.

A thousand moonlit garden strolls
each seem fresh, each seem new,
even if we tread the same path,
night after night--forever.

Our favorite songs never grow stale
for they are "out of this world"---
they are beyond a "world of time".

It doesn't take a genius
to fathom the depthless depths
of what we both hold dear.
There is One taste, One ear,
One seeing, One touch...

and It does not grasp for more,
nor does it ask for anything.
It is too busy giving to notice
that all it has is eternally flowing "out"
and at the same time "in".

All Love,