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Writings from Friends > "Happening" by Tsenka

9 Mar 2013


Pondering Omniaction and synonyms of action, one of which is 'Happening'… 


It occurred here that Happening is Happening... there is no doer of Happening.


In the English language one says: It rains. 


In Bulgarian there is no 'it'... In Bulgarian we say: Rains (or raining). There is no need for an 'it'... and there is not an 'it' really that does it!


Shines, rains, blows (the wind blows, but we can also say just 'blows' or 'blowing'), Also we have a verb for dawn, like 'dawns', or 'dawning'… no 'it', no pronoun involved). These grammar constructions express and describe spontaneous happening without a doer. 


Actually this was the favourite thing to give in English language tests... "Translate : Vali (rains), in English"… Literal translation was not possible... one had to figure out that in English there was an 'it'... So in this specific case Bulgarian is the language that is closer to the Core, to Truth. Because one can not say what 'does' it. It is just an action without a doer. Without an 'it' doing it... It is a spontaneous happening.


'It' -- this spontaneous happening -- can only be witnessed within Oneself.


Happening = Witnessing 


When? ONLY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If there is asking, "Are you hungry? Are you thirsty?" 


Can one say, "Do you mean yesterday or tomorrow?" 


One can FEEL hunger, thirst, anger or whatever NOW ONLY.


What is it that Alchemy 'does'… It is step by step instruction on how to FEEL INTENSELY -- 100% INTENSITY... which means -- 100% NOW... or NOW-NESS. 


This is why one can go deep in feelings and SIMULTANEOUSLY FEEL and WITNESS (as if one is watching oneself perform on a theatre stage, while sitting in the theatre). I used this technique of visualization a lot when feelings were overwhelming. And it was a very 'handy' and useful visualization, in allowing 100% intensity of feelings, while staying out of it at the same time, out of them -- keeping it all in perspective. 


It was the case when I hit deep 'karmic' waters -- deeply ingrained patterns of emotional conditioning that I would sit with the Alchemy 5 tape in this utmost intensity (and it will feel like minutes or an hour) and the clock would say that I have been in these deep waters of mind-movie for 6 hours. (I used to turn the tape from one side to the other when it would finish). 


It is because this NOW-ness would be kind of 'accessed'… when one is fully PRESENT to whatever... this is NOW-ness. TIME FREE. It is time collapse. It is mind collapse. The mind is like a restless pony; and when it gets to run up and down all over creation... if it is allowed to do it fully... it collapses at some point. Of course, one has to let the pony do all the running it wants to do, and watch it do it.... not get on its back nor think and believe that one is the pony...