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Writings from Friends > "Choiceless love" by Kaldip

5 Mar 2013


Dear Kay 


After reading the Nisargadatta Maharaj quote from Helen's comment: 


"Once you are in it, you will find that you love what you see, whatever may be its nature.  This choiceless love is the touchstone of awareness."


It struck me that so no matter what the nature (so the scene could be terrible or wonderful; and in BOTH instances BECAUSE there are no others, AND ALL is INCLUDED, and All is IN ME) Self has no enmity.   This is the Everpresent "Choiceless" Love.  Only the Only.  


And that scene is the watching of a movie sans emotionalism !!!


Could anything Ever have happened to ME, Awareness or to that which is INCLUDED in ME?  




All Love 








No act of choosing



No selection 



No option



No picking 



No alternative 



No preference



No range 



No variety 




enmity (ˈɛnməti )





Word forms:   plural  ˈenmities


1. the bitter attitude or feelings of an enemy or of mutual enemies; hostility; antagonism


enmity denotes a strong, settled feeling of hatred, whether concealed, displayed, or latent; hostilityusually suggests enmity expressed in active opposition, attacks, etc.; animosity suggests bitterness of feeling that tends to break out in open hostility; antagonism stresses the mutual hostility or enmity of persons, forces, etc.


Word Origin

ME enemite < OFr enemistie < VL * inimicitas < L inimicus: see enemy




hostility, acrimony, animosity, bad blood, bitterness, hatred, ill will, malice