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Writings from Friends > "It's Not Out There" by Don

20 Feb 2013


As long as we think it's okay (or not okay!) for big corporations to band together and formulate what is morally right (for or against THEMSELVES) while they ACT in exact opposition to the list of dictums that they come up with FOR EVERYONE ELSE, then we subject ourselves to it, BRING OURSELVES UNDER THEIR CONTROL, GIVE AWAY OUR SOVEREIGNTY.


They decide what everyone else should and should not do to make THEM happy. Sound familiar? Do WE condemn them for doing this while we ourselves do it in our daily lives? This is all about HERE. It's not about what "they" are doing. It has never been about what they are doing. There is no "they"... especially an "us"-against-"them" scenario. We set that up and play it out.


I remember Tsenka saying, "I've been bringing you my muppets!" I've been complaining about folks (chairlegs, muppets) that I have given my power to, power over me. I gave it to them, enlivening them then by resistance and condemnation to the discomfort they bring as they show us what "I myself am doing": that which I accuse THEM of doing. So... Condemning "them" is condemning whom?


That is why gossip is worse than murder. It is SUICIDE!!! No one is "out to get us". No human mind, no boyfriend mind, no grocer mind, no personal mind, no political mind exists to oppose or do evil. Where would it get the power?


If we continue doing something we have condemned, and folks keep doing it to us... And we keep trying to stop them from doing it to us... Well you get the picture. Keep working to redecorate our jail cell?




When something is noticed about a character we seem close to (any emotional tie to people, places, things, situations), it is as though (when Self-identified) we are noticing something about a character; when mist-identified an emotionalistic reaction arises, tied to the character and the situation -- HERE. If we say it is with them, where is it? Who is saying it? Do we KNOW a them and how it is acting and feeling, or do we just SAY it?


We notice it why? How? Because IT IS NOT OUT THERE. "You see all beings in yourself, and yourself in ME", says Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. 


The "self" being in ME, and there being no other self BEING, the world is infused with me, therefore there is no world other than Me and no other self -- there is only ME ...AND I am neither a separate little self nor am I the world.


There is no world apart from me. What The I that I AM is, is Being being and if it is not Being being then it is not BEING.


The delusion/illusion is in the way we see things: as independent actors. There is no externalized illusion. There is no external self -- personal or otherwise. There is no belief out there. There is no seeing and then believing; there is believing and then seeing. A belief is an illusion with no substance at all. The "out there" appears because it is a projection from where? "Inside"!


The mist that covered the land in Genesis is belief; the land already is/was. It does not "look" like the mist-version. It was then mist-perceived, perceived through mist-identification casting a shadow of illusion across the land. The landscape was/is before the roads and the buildings were built there. They are all additions. When they are destroyed the land will still be there.


Is it wise to judge an illusion?


There seem worlds within worlds within a dream, but... WHERE IS THE DREAM? A question that is on the edge of validity. Question the validity of a dream? But when we question from what seems to be "within" the dream ("Is this all there is?") -- the dream is broken!


We do not move as a character within a dream.


It is seemingly "my" problem that I am seeing in and as another. It is there only because it is here.


I recently quoted the 'do not envy the heathen' scripture... Kay said the heathen is the non-I self, the non-one self.


The ones who enjoy sense pleasures that you condemn for doing so, are YOU appearing out there. You condemn it in yourself and see that condemnation as the hated person out there. It is all a farce, a false face, a mask. Such is a Gordian knot, a dream spiraling in upon itself. There is no solution to it. 


The goose is already out!!!!!!


The metaphysical reaction of fixing, uplifting and meditating-away keeps the insanity going! If you start with a dream that is not happening... What do you expect to have? Reality? ...or more dream?


As we settle this within, through the rest of The Self, the outer may appear as taking a moral stand. As right and/or wrong opinion is nullified inside, it will appear as Right-action -- this is not something we can "do" -- IT IS BEING-DONE. That action may "appear" as the opposite of what is the norm, but from the standpoint of seated Awareness... There is Only ALL GOOD. Peace, Love, Perfection is ALREADY spread across the land. Clarity can know it... Humanity can NEVER "see" it.


Resting IS non-resistance. There is no rest, if there is no clarity.






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