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4 Mar 2013


Dear Kay,


Wed, 7A.M...


THANKS to Don for his last [Feb. 20] send out… 


What a RESPONSE "out there" (lol !!) to all of the movement that has been happening in "me." Indeed, it seems to coalesce the ponderings that have been erupting in me of late. The clarity… put right there for me to read!!  lol.


It seems with the bit of distance provided through (I surmise) doing the Stone [Referenced recording available here]-- I see that I have RUN from realizing this (that it's NOT out there) because of the intense emotion surrounding those beliefs held so long. The GUILT of being responsible for that which I am seeing / feeling -- "it IS me, my fault.. bla bla"  (i.e. thank you to a Jesus hanging on the cross!!)


There is something wrong here… something regarding the power of thoughts / beliefs… not being able to accept that 'I' am not guilty.


Thursday… I went to the tapes, and pulled out #1 of the Retreat here in NY… 2005? I was in attendance, but seemingly did not "ATTEND"… 


On the tape, you speak about GUILT!! (What a surprise! LOL)


First you address having died the day you were born… that you cannot have any problem or grief without history… 


"Guilt is never ever eradicated from the human. Never. The very fabric of humanity is woven with guilt. And as a human -- because it is humanity -- there's not guilt on a human -- it is humanity."


The feeling… "if I were not guilty, I could not know death"… is human. "If I were not guilty, I could not know death." "The wages of sin is death." Y'see??


Guilt is a sin. Humanity itself is sin. It's missing the mark. What mark? It's yourself missing Yourself, isn't it? Claiming to be something you're not. 


Missing the mark. The mark was missed.


To know yourself… that's not really correct… makes it like it's 2 selves --one going to know, and one that can be known, right?


So the human -- having so-called died, the day he was born, that is humanhood -- never, ever, thinks to ask, "Is it possible I was never born?" Never suspects, "Is it just possible I was never born?" "If I were never born, can I be guilty?""If I were never born, and this I that I AM is Pure, Unadulterated, Pristine?" (In other words, non-dual… no mixtures, the very I that I Am… been there all along…)


What happens then, to guilt??


What happens to blame? To relatives? To inheritance? To all that? The Guiltless One, the One that is too Pure to behold iniquity… the One that nothing has ever entered to defile or make it wrong, or bad, or unacceptable…


If this is realized, one's world certainly would be hung on nothing!!!!!!


I would ask, have you any comment on this? 


All Love, All Gratitude,




Yes I have a reply. It is ALL concerning IDENTITY. WHOM DO YOU SAY YOU ARE?


Awareness, God Self is your ONLY Identity NOW and always. It has never moved one inch to the left nor right. It IS, IS, IS. 


And that is emphasized because to be IS, Is MUST be changeless, Permanent, what is going on! Backed by the entirety of Omnipotence! It is what you AM, BE. There is no one who can "get it" because IT, Is, already IS IT. Infinite Intelligence ALREADY KNOWS all there is to know and this is the Whole of your Self, your ONLY self. Now Is Identity has no past -- hence, no guilt.


It NEVER happened to you, Awareness. NEVER, as long as Awareness is your identity and you ponder it enough -- Singleness, Wholeness, Simpleness, Awareness, Infinite Power, Infinite Intelligence, Alone and ONLY. 


Ponder thus, question and answer yourself -- thus getting accustomed to your "new" Self, to Identifying "aright". This Leaves no Mare-mind with anything to say worth a hoot.  send out. 


All Love,