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Writings from Friends > "What is Power?" by Ann

10 Mar 2013




All Love,







Hello Kay


You asked me to ponder what is Power? This is what came. I could have carried on forever!




Awareness Only is Power. Knowing the Self as Awareness Only is Powerful. Knowing the I that I am as Awareness Only is the Only Power there is. Power is Awareness Only. The Only Power is Awareness. The One and Only Awareness is the Only Power Being. All Power is Being Awareness Only. The Only One Awareness is the One and Only Power. Awareness IS Power. 




Omnipresent, Omniscient Awareness is the Only Only. Awareness is Being the Being One Be's. Awareness is the only Being Being. Awareness is One. There is just One Awareness. One Awareness Being. One. When I, Awareness say I, I, Awareness am the Sole One Alone.  Awareness is the Sole and Only One. One Only is Awareness. Only One is Awareness.


Only Awareness Is. Awareness only Is. Only the Only Awareness Is. Awareness i s the Only Only. Only the Only is Awareness. The I that I Am is Awareness Only. Awareness Only is the I That I Am. 


Awareness is the Only Truth. The Truth is that Awareness is All that there is. Only Truth Is True. Only Awareness is True. True Awareness is the only Awareness. Truth is Awareness Being Now. 


Awareness Only is Now. Now Only is Awareness. Only Now is Awareness. Now is Now Awareness. Awareness is Now only. 


Now and Awareness are One. One is Awareness Now. Now is One Awareness Only.


All is Awareness. Awareness is All. All and Awareness are One. All is All Awareness Now. Now is All Awareness. All is Now Awareness. Now Awareness is All. All Awareness is Now One. One Now Awareness is All. Awareness is All One Now. One Now Awareness is the Only Only All. Only the Only is All One Now Awareness.  


Only Awareness is Being Now. Being Now, only Awareness is. Now Awareness is the Only One Being. The Only One Being Now is Awareness. Now Being One, only Awareness is. 


The I That I Am is Awareness. Awareness is Being the One and Only I That I Am Now. The I that I Am is the Only Awareness Being Omnipresent Omniscience Now. 


Power is Awareness Being. Awareness is the One and Only All Power Being Now. Power is Being Awareness Now. Only Awareness Being is Power. Only Being Awareness is the Power of Now. Only Now is Awareness Being All Power. All Power is the One and Only Omniscient Awareness Being the I That I Am Now. Being the I That I Am, Awareness is Only the Only One Being Now. Now Awareness is the All and Only Power Being. 



Omnipresent Intelligent Awareness is Omnipresently operating. No matter what it looks like, regardless of appearances, Omnipresent Intelligent Awareness, Love and wisdom together, is operating here Now. Here, there, everywhere. Here. If here, then, everywhere. And this alone is Omnipotence, Awareness. This alone is Power. None that can be used and none that can use it.



Therefore there are no judges that are Power, there are no leaders, no presidents, no prime ministers, no dictators, no world leaders anywhere that can use this Awareness, yet they can be used BY this Awareness. 



This Awareness that is ONE, Being Omnipresent, I do not have to make one move to inaugurate it, to get it to begin to operate. It IS operating.



Love Ann