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Writings from Friends > Truth IS.... by Ann

19 Jan 2015


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Truth is beautiful ♥ divine, exquisite, wonderful  joyous, exhilarating ♥stupendous, delicious, fragrant, magnificent, glorious, lovely, sweet, exciting, breathtaking ♥ gentle, pure  brilliant, tremendous  charming, loud, soft, fresh, sparkling, vibrant, exuberant, delicate, fiery  sensational extraordinary, fantastic, luscious, tough, solid, superb, bubbly  striking, irresistible, fervent, warm  passionate ♥ glowing, spectacular, hair-raising  ♥ magical, miraculous, immaculate, strong, invigorating  radiant, noble  sublime, majestic, sumptuous, vivacious  vital, blissful, rich, enchanting, heavenly  delectable, delightful, powerful ♥ sincere, silent, stunning, celestial, amazing, dazzling  thrilling, scrumptious, perfect fabulous ♥ electrifying  spontaneous, captivating, compelling, precious bold and awesome  


 ♥ And this is who and what I Am ♥