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Writings from Friends > "Doorway to LIGHT" by Grace

10 Feb 2008

My consciousness is like a revolving door.

On one side is the light, the world of tangibility,
on the other side is Light, the intangible.

I walk through the door,
from the world of light
to the world of Light,
and behold,
my light becomes Light.

I then walk back through the door,
back from the world of Light
into the world of light, of tangibility
and behold,
my Light becomes  a light unto this world,
this world of light.

We think we walk through many doors,
but we only really walk through one,
because there is only one we can walk through,
and if we walk through this door enough times
the world of light and the world of Light
become indistinguishable from one another,

and we don't know if we're coming or going anymore.