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Writings from Friends > "The Evolution of the Human Consciousness" by Don

8 Mar 2008

"The Evolution of the Human Consciousness"
It is important to see that there is no "evolution of the human consciousness".  The "human consciousness" is a distortion, like static on the airwaves, it is a belief and holds no claim to an existence of any kind.
The prodigal SEEMED to live in poverty, why? Because of his distorted sense of identification. 
The simple act of correct identification seemed to correct the situation.
The distorted world was not healed.  It was dissolved.  It was transfigured -- reconfigured.  Why?  Ceaseless attention to what-is-not was redirected towards Reality. 
No God took pity upon a lowly human -- did not grant boons or bestow blessings.
Before he even made it home (became fully secure in true identity), his Father rushed out to greet him.  Reality IS already.  It does not need to be agreed with to Be.
As right-identification stays in focus, there appears to be a more and brighter world right where the distorted world seemed to be.  The "distorted world" did not change nor did The Sole Reality; this is a paradox.  The distortion is nowhere to be found -- searching for "where it went" seems to keep it around.  It is not that "we" evolve, but that a world more close to the True Kingdom is REVEALED, whereas before it was CONCEALED; concealed by the mask of misidentification. 
It is impossible for a fog to survive for too long in the light of the Sun.  When it is burned away a clear day is revealed.  Knowing the origin of the fog and its nature as being temporary renders the fog cut off from any fear-fuel that would encourage its survival.  The seeming presence of the fog would then be of no bother -- it may be noticed, but only in passing.
All Love,