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Writings from Friends > "The Master of Aversion" by Don

12 Feb 2008

The Master of Aversion

If you are one sided, you are like a ghost...
invisible to the world in which you matter the most.

High on "spiritual energy" -- you rob that which is dear...
There are not two worlds: a lovely world of clouds, Spirits and Angels,
another of gross bodies you call "spouse and family", "home and work".

If you leave out the latter -- you will never know the former.

Do you hear the message that the wind carries?
"My dear one, you are no more spiritual than a pile of horse dung."

A million piles of the most fertile dung stacked high
stretching towards the sky, is useless for reaching Heaven.
However, light it a-flame and from the ashes will arise a new creature
with wings to soar the heights and the depths!

Clinging to "spiritual friends" can make you giddy,
dancing in circles like schoolgirls at play.
"As long as we stay on the sunny lawn, we'll be happy and light!"
What happens when the sun goes down?

Keeping the company of the wise will lead you into places you may not want to go.
Their touch is the flame that can ignite your precious feces.
In the dark forest of your heart lie creatures
meant to keep you from reaching the mountain top --
where the view is always bright and clear.
You are afraid to enter there -- where true transformation can occur.
When you have had enough of play-time...
you will take the hand of the One who will lead you through Hell,
on the path into the darkness --
the very path that leads straight to Heaven.