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Writings from Friends > "The Nature of 'mind'" by Don

16 Jan 2008

One cannot have a positive human-mind.  The nature of that pseudo-mind IS the momentum (phantom motion) created by attention vacillating between the poles of opposites.  THIS is what casts a distorting shadow upon the Pure Perfection of the Divine Kingdom.

Positive thinking "creates" the negative and negative thinking "creates" the positive.  This is the extent of the "creative" power of the human-mind.

NEVER, EVER look on the bright side of life, unless you enjoy the dark side. Never, ever court a lovely human mind, and the good thereof, unless you enjoy the evil, for the two are one whole; one cannot exist without the other.  The human-mind (attention focused upon a personalization) is just like the moon.  The moon has a bright reflective side which is lovely to behold.  One could sit and stare at it for hours.  All is happy and bright -- as long as one's attention never for a moment
strays from the light side -- the positive.  The other side of the moon is constantly cloaked in mysterious darkness -- the fearful and unknown.  All thoughts of evil, disease, malady and such are sent there (buried away deeply from view).  Stray to that side for a moment and the full force of attention that was focused on the positive side is now suddenly illuminating the negative.

The essence of the human-so-called-mind is the unified pair of opposites.  When the pair is at rest  (that which claims "this is good for me, this is evil to me" -- "i love him/her, i hate him/her" -- i-me-mine...)  there is no human-mind to be found.

When the pair is at rest, there is no such thing as a pseudo-mind to be found.  There is Life alone -- MIND alone.  The absence of mental turbulence is NOT a dead void; it is Pure Goodness without an opposite.  But, there is no "little you" that gets to enjoy this.  There is no little you who gets to live a "spiritual life".  There is Life ALONE being.  There is Being ALONE being, enjoying Itself to the Fullest, and it is unopposed while humentality says "oh, if i don't have conflict, then life will be so boring".  But, conflict is the sole composition of the human-mind and the absence thereof is Nirvana: the peace that passes understanding. The "figuring out" pseudo-action of the human-mind, its mulling around this and that; picking apart -- cannot co-exist with this Peace.  Truth will not be picked apart.  Truth is solid, whole, cannot be divided into parts; you have one whole Truth or you don't have Truth.  There is no partial Truth.  There is not Truth
and a lie.  There is not Truth and an illusion.  There is Truth alone
and it does not suffer delusion, is not deluded and does not need to be brought out of a state it has never fallen into.

There are none who need to get clear or be clear -- nor can ONE get clear.  Such a one in need of improvement needs to be cleared away -- left by the wayside.  The only life present IS clarity Itself ALREADY.  There are none who need to be brought up-to-speed.  This fact is Rest -- it is Divine assurance.  The Rest that IS is the SELF that is eternally at rest.  There are none to climb up to the altar of Perfection.  Perfection IS.  This is sheer Joy -- the alreadyness of Being being I -- the ONLY-Life-Present-NOW.  Rest IN and AS the self for there are no partitions between worlds as there are not two worlds (or three or more), nor are there dimensions and degrees in Reality.

Being being this Knowing is the "Be as you are" of Ramana Maharshi; the "Rest of Myself"' of Kay; the "I and My Father are ONE" of Jesus; Buddha's middle path -- it is the action-less Action that is ALL Action, ceaseless Perfection, without shadow of turning; without beginning or end of days.  The Truth is True NOW.  Recognition is the key.

All Love,