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Writings from Friends > "Shock and Clarity" by Trudy

7 Dec 2007

As I find more and more "startlement" in reading about the conspiracies to make One World Government, I sense the usefulness of shock. I have been shocked by the unexpected, in the past, and now recognize that an important feature of this state is "going blank" -- unable to think, unable to act -- for an instant (or more).

This is the SHOCK of CLARITY, a SEEING that what the mind projects is sheer fabrication! There is NO substance to what appears "out there"! (There is no SELF in it!) 

As I relish "shock" (instead of fearing it) -- I find that it wipes the page clean. In this blankness, there is LOOKING and perhaps some impetus to "act" (or not). 

I am discerning the "value" of sudden discomfiture, and the "value" of not "sweetening up the dream." Comfort allows the mind to stay in its familiar patterns. SHOCK will not allow that! 

THANKS for shocking me! There are ever new ways to be thrown out the window! (I looked up "defenestration" -- WOW! There's even a word for it!)