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Writings from Friends > "Still human mind vs. MIND" by Don

27 Sep 2007

A friend asked me about Divine Thoughts and "receiving" Divine Thoughts.  "How is it done?" she said and, "What can be done so I can receive them?"  No human has ever received Divine Thoughts and no human (one who clings to corporeal trappings) ever will.

As I have said before, the mind that receives Divine thoughts is not the human-mind -- it is not a "frozen" human-mind (parading as a "still mind") -- there is, nevertheless, a human-mind (albeit, a frozen one).
 The absence of a human-mind is the state of stillness -- there is no human mind AND a state of stillness, the pseudo-mind is nowhere to be found.

As long as you have something you can call a "human-mind" in any form, it has no relationship with Divinity.  Divinity is not aware of such a thing, nor does it make use of the human-mind.  The simultaneous presence of Divine Mind and any form of human-mind is impossible.

God does not use a human as a channel through which to "speak".  A flute has
no participation in the making of the music that is produced by the wind and intention of the musician.  It is simply there to be used as an instrument for the musician.  It does not, of itself, consider that it is a good and faithful instrument, but is simply used as one.  Spiritual Man
is a transparency for God -- God appearing as form.  Not "God is living 'my' life" (as is often prattled), but God living God's Life.

Freedom is about dissolving the pseudo-mind.  When that is done, then there is Mind alone present.  In what ever degree the "human-mind" is present, in that degree is there blockage, static.  Though Being cannot be diminished in any way (and never has been), there may seem a lack of Peace on the scene.  This stillness can be reached through contemplation, as the "moment ye think not" the bridegroom comes -- Spirit meets Spirit.  Humental activity is caught up in contemplation and suddenly it is at the end of its rope; a moment is reached where all is beyond its grasp and it falls silent -- as though in awe.  One never can say exactly how the Bridegroom comes, for the "Lord works in mysterious ways"; yet the bride prepares herself for the coming and is ever attentive with a welcoming lamp ready, full of oil.

True Peace cannot be reached forcibly, like the yogi who can freeze his mind in a sort of pseudo-meditation -- better called a trance.  When the yogi "comes out", he still has the trappings of humentality.  He has simply developed the ability to "freeze" human thinking for a while -- be it ten hours or a thousand years -- no transformation has taken place.

The value is not a still human-mind that will again be "un-still".  The value is seeing that you are not that.  Then, if it seems busy, you will not be upset by it.

When quietness, stillness rains down and leaves the scene pristine and glowing -- as after a blanket of new fallen snow (like a "white out") -- then that is
Mind present.  The human-mind has been dissolved, laid to rest.  This state is tabula rasa
-- the blank page.  It is not that all evils and disease have been wiped away; it is that the ever-present Divine-World-of-Spirit has been revealed.  Known as "going up to the Mount of Olives" -- the "Mount of Olives" is the state beyond states.

Free of humentality, the Divine manifestation shows forth as seen on the mount -- the Mount of Olives.  (That must be why the olive branch is a symbol of Peace.)  Jesus taught from there many times -- remember, the mount is not a physical location -- and often
went up
to the Mount of Olives alone.  This is how we "enter the Kingdom" -- ALONE (without others, thoughts, beliefs, personalizations, physicality, mortality). There is not one entering and one who allows him to enter.  "There" (though it is not a location), one meets one's Self.

This Mount of Olives is present right where one is.  The journey to the mount is not a hike.  It is not movement, but non-movement; not dead stillness, but alive stillness. In the Book of Zechariah the Mount of Olives is identified as the place from which God will begin to redeem the dead (those birthed of woman) at the end of days.  The "end of days" is when Peace meets Peace, and only in and as this Peace can one enter the Kingdom -- one will never storm the gates.  The "end of days" is the seeing that there was/is no "beginning of days"; it is the end of time, personalization and erroneous identification.  It is NOT the end of Life! When the "gates open," floods of Divine Peace, the Living Waters, make all things new -- washed clean by the Waters of Life; this, then, makes way for Divine Manifestation.

This is the Place of Life -- the source, the Fountainhead where springs of living waters eternally flow.  Here, the Peace-that-passeth-understanding is the Breath of Life; the waters, the Wine of the Living that is partaken of in celebration; the palpable sentience, the food that sustains, for Man shall not live by bread alone.

Here Spiritual Man regains dominion -- having simply forgotten his real estate.  Not dominion "over" corporeal manifestation, but authority as the Sole and Only Infinite Individual Life.

I see why you love questions. The well is deep, when one throws down a bucket and draws it out...

All Love,