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Writings from Friends > "Being Normal = Freedom" by Don

14 Jul 2007

Being Normal = Freedom
A friend spoke to me about "being normal," and it caught my attention as it arose a few times and then i saw...

Wanting to "be normal," to "fit in," is a construct of the altered ego that it uses as a shield to hide behind -- so it can remain fully intact.  Being is Unique, incomparable and will never "blend in" among the many for it is not "one among many."  Being is One aside from whom there are no others.
Being expresses in this manner.  The ideas (in this focus, the Divine Idea Ego/Character) of and in Omnipresent Intelligent Being are each unique, specific, and individually recognizable.
Normal is a synonym for natural.  The TRUE Normal State is the Natural State of Being: Being being single, unopposed, and expressing as I AM.  The Divine Action of "being normal," then, is Being being Divinely Unique.  So Being being normal is not routine, but unpredictable -- not habitual, but spontaneous -- not conventional, but extraordinary. 
It can be no other way -- there is no alternative.  The Light-of-the-World cannot be hidden, but, through the turning of a blind eye, can be seemingly ignored.  Being will express as Its Divine Self. 
Choosing to return to the herd of the bondage of human belief after a taste of freedom will leave one subject solely to the rewards of this world -- endless hunger and want.  Sheep can be blindly led to their demise, but Being cannot be led astray.  True freedom is not being set free, but is seeing that one was never bound.  Freedom goes hand in hand with unpredictable, spontaneous LIFE.  One cannot pick and choose what aspects of the personal self can be kept and what gets dissolved.  I love the quote, "this is not a buffet."
What is seemingly "safe" and comfortable -- what is familiar -- must one day be left behind as one steps out of the squalor of human thinking and into the fresh new clothes of Divine Life.
When Freedom comes, it will wipe out ALL unlike Itself -- bad and good human-hood alike.  Courage may seem to be called for as what is dear is dissolved, but remember, BEING constitutes thy countenance.  It is Being that lives, and no other.
Divine Love is not out to punish, nor is it on a mission of purification, but appears as a soothing balm -- the still waters of Life Eternal that even Now is as Pure as the new fallen snow.  This is the ONLY Being being.
All Love,