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Writings from Friends > Some un-nameable "something" led us here... by Don

10 Mar 2008


We seek the go-power of the hurricane in the breath of a dog.
Such simple power could melt a heart.
This is the Love that passes all understanding;
No one knows where it comes from, but its effects are self-evident.
We know the Sun is shining without looking into the sky...
by the glistening ripples on the water's surface.
Helium hides inside a balloon that is lifted Heaven-wards.
Love hides in a Heart that is free from judgment;
you can't see it, but you just KNOW it is there...
by a smile, by bright eyes, by a certain unnameable presence
in such a one's countenance.
No one can grasp this -- it is not meant to be held.
Some un-nameable "something" led us here...
where the grass is green -- just because,
where we laugh without a reason,
where the canvas is the beauty of the landscape set before us.
Just as the fragrance of a flower cannot be painted on a wall,
but is still appreciated by a delicate sense,
so this song composed of Angelic notes, carried on a breeze,
gets caught in the leaves of an Oak,
but still finds its way to an ear attuned to listening.