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Dear Kay,


I am at my wit's end with this job situation.  It is not that I am outlining and trying to get the promotion down pat, perhaps another one would be best.   But I seem stuck here in this present position.  My patience is wearing thin.  Truly, I am not or I don't think I am trying to outline which position I should be put into.  Any Truth?


Dear Friend,


Look, trying to outline how things should go or not is OUTLINING, which is RESISTING, is it not?   When one notices one is not getting what one wants one is resisting getting what one IS getting.   What if, when your so called mind attempts to engage you in taking a position on whether or not what is happening is a curse or a blessing, your position is "I don't know".     And, REALLY MEAN JUST THAT.   You REALLY don't know.


All Love,