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 Dear Kay,

Please help me to see what is really going on.  I seem to have like a nervous breakdown and feel like crying all the time also feel physically tired.  I have some distance from all that but also strong dislike of this Jane Doe.  This body/mind is a failure, not able to hold down a job, a relationship, not deserving.  I keep repeating "I will never leave You or forsake You".

Please help.

Jane Doe

Dear Jane,


Totally accept the feelings of "breakdown" and the crying.   This means you are not trying to get rid of them.  You must not want a different situation.   Just figure, for now, that someone has to do it, has to be like that; so it may as well be you.  Don't look for any other way to be, otherwise you set up resistance, without knowing it.   Forgive yourself for feeling this way and forgive yourself for any hurt you have caused others and forgive yourself for feeling hurt by others.  Accept these feelings, accept the absence of peace.   Then you will see the miracle.   I can help you if you do exactly this.

All Love,




You say that you keep repeating "I will never leave you nor forsake you".  By so doing, you are binding yourself to the wrong I, a personal I.  Therefore, how in the world could one expect this personal I to ever lessen?