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Dear Kay,

A question that has been gnawing away for days is this:  "Why does appearing even appear to appear?"  Listening to "Only I" while riding for several hours triggered me to pull over on the side of the road & email u this question.  Whenever u can answer is perfect.

As always, THANK YOU!!!
All love,


Dear Jane,

You see, to ask that question shows that you find the "appearing" NOT to be fictitious but REAL!!!!! 

Do you ask the same about the sun "appearing" to set?  No!  You still use terms like "at sunset" but does it change what you know... that the sun does not "SET"?   NO.  Why?  Because you know better, you have been taught to not judge by appearances the way ignorant folk do concerning the "seeming rising and setting" of the sun, but with other stuff you are CONVINCED that it is happening and moreover, it is happening  to ME!!!!   And your ME is fictitious!!!!!!

The only way out is to see with extreme intelligence (not optics) that what you have been calling "me" is a lie.  No surgeon can find this ME, but it is surely real and surely present, isn't it?   To the ME-that-I-am (you be) none of this "seeming" REGISTERS anymore as it "did".  Why?  You now know all this is not happening to the ME being ME hence you just don't have as much concern about the "seeming".  You seem to deal with it yes, and even better than you did when you felt it REAL, but it does not "stick" as it once seemed to do.  You are more like Teflon and the "seeming" does not attract you so much---in that it can scare you, make you quiver and shake and cry---or make your bow to it, grovel over it if you deem it "good".

The Identity you are guarantees that you will mainly just "pooh pooh" and dismiss that which most people seem to labor over and contend with constantly.  It is dismissed as the SUGGESTION, The Tempter.  It is no longer taken to be FACT.  FACT is changeless, hence REAL or ABIDING--ever here.
Turning toward that which you are means necessarily turning AWAY from that which you are not, doesn't it?

All Love,