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Dear Kay,


I couldn't help but notice some form of message in The Matrix.  I was wondering whether the film could resemble something that we're in?  For instance, the world, e.g. "the matrix" isn't real and the people who know that i.e., Neo (the one), the oracle and Morpheus---through knowing they can bend the rules.

Would you go as far as saying, you are the equivalent of the oracle? Are we the people who know the matrix isn't real and therefore can cheat, by bending the rules, and therefore becoming sort of sub human??


Or am I talking and load of crap?

Hope you're well!




Dear X,

Honey, the world Is REAL!!!!!!!
Metaphysical folks have spouted the line that "the world is an illusion--is not real" for ever.   Get this, It is the WAY WE SEE IT THAT IS NOT REAL.   Like taking the horizon line to be a "sign" that the earth is flat and ships fall off.  Like a pencil in a glass of water is "bent" at the water line!  Like the rail tracks look as if they come together while speeding down them.   They are not.   And when you know that--can't you ride without fear?  Do they STILL look like they come together?   Yes.
When you KNOW THE TRUTH, do the tracks disappear?   NO.
Truth is about taking the beam from your own eye, so that you may better see to help your neighbor take the beam from his.   Truth is about doing the world a real service, by getting off its back, by releasing it from human bondage, human belief, human anything.   Truth is about releasing your neighbor from changing and releasing god from doing anything.  Truth is the only "safe" place.  Truth is the four-square kingdom in biblical parlance: "the kingdom that lieth four square---omnipotent, omniscience, omnicaritas(all love) and omniaction".   Truth is about clearing one's own vision so that one may truly SEE what is before one.     

All Love,