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Dear Kay,

Do you think the gensis story is where humanity went wrong and through ignorance wanting to obey the commands of god by seeking the tree of knowledge and not accepting that things just 'are'?  But then it goes on to say that god released pain and suffering in the world??? blah blah blah!

Stories?  How much do we read into them.



Dear X,

Humanity does not identify with the first chapter.  That there was Light BEFORE there was a sun makes no human sense!  That the crop is in the ground BEFORE the seed is planted makes no human sense!  It makes "spiritual sense" though, absolutely so.  God Alone IS makes no sense to human sense!  The question arises, "then what about me, the human, the body"?  However, again, to spiritual discernment, that which is included in ones awareness, this keyboard, this earth, this body, your body and all bodies are items WITHIN ONE Awareness as Ideas----they are NOT Awareness----makes perfect sense.

Human sense is material, thus our resources, organs, oil,  money, air, are all FINITE, meaning when they are gone, they are gone, depleted.  Since they seem "material" they are limited and subject to running out.  This is not so spiritually.  Spiritually, meaning when one sees things as ideas, then they are "renewable" because they are in an inexhaustible Source.  That is why with Spirit, only multiplication can occur.  That is how the loaves and fishes were multiplied----they were seen as ideas in Awareness and not as a finite thing---then they appeared as finite.  Where does a "seed" come from?  That which is BACK of it is the Real and only that.  REAL, the word, means that which is changeless, timeless, brand new NOW with no past and no future---that which has been aptly called IS.

All Love,