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Dear Kay

...realized, almost at once, after submitting that question that I wouldn't receive an answer from you except "in Spirit"....the answers have to come from within myself and old habit patterns drive me to non-acceptance of this "state of affairs" and I continue to try to shift my own responsibility to another....still hoping for a rescue by a guru, Master, Teacher, etc.....ad infinitum.

Have been studying .....once again....for the umpteenth time.....the September, 1991 letter in which you discuss alchemy.  The second paragraph on page one grabbed me....again.... it's the last sentence of the paragraph which has not yet broken through into "realization"......To me it seems like "the little woman who isn't there" all over again....Here it is....

         "This trap, this ego, is called generally in Christian and Judaic scripture, the "devil."  If one cannot read between the lines, one misses the fact that this devil is one's very own mind...and no other.  Most teachings impress this upon the student generally by telling that the appearance, the world, is an illusion and the student, the SEER of the illusion is happy and relieved to know this...seemingly oblivious to the fact that the seer itself is part and parcel of the illusion or mirage....."


Dear Jane

 Yes, the tape recorder giving you suggestions, prompts if you will, IS the devil, which you call the human mind.   You don't HAVE to go along with it----but rather question it on the spot------on the scene, with "You do not know that!!!!!"   with CONVICTION------as the "recorder" makes its declarations, opinions, beliefs, suggestions.  You are not the recorder.    A regular recorder moves and speaks but there is nothing there in it save a tape, is there?

All Love,