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Hi Kay

With reference to these send outs (dated 19.3.10 - 20.3.10) of "President Obalmy" and the bastardizing of the US Constitution:

There was a quote I heard you use many years ago that I have "remembered" through the years. I have found as the years have seemingly gone by, this quote most valuable. It was by one of the founding fathers of the United States Constitution, Benjamin Franklin. He said, "He who forsakes essential liberty for temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety".

These words can be used in any and all contexts and really do get one to ask those deeper questions of oneself -- the scary ones, the ones that one generally would not want to ask -- until it seems that one is pushed to crisis point. It seems that "people, the dream" is being pushed to this crisis point.

Maybe as you have said (and it is a good reminder): the study of not just the "old papers" but the scholars that wrote them could be taken on board as a reference point to Look from (as these seeming issues confront one) as opposed to looking "out there" and expecting or hoping that "out there" will correct itself. For "out there" is a sense-less dream and Sense cannot be Seen whilst looking to a sense-less dream for correction. LOL

Love J


Dear J

Yes, the "key" to sound "relationships" of all types is as Goldsmith once said, "All dependencies must go down." And that is no small order. Dependency on "government" whereby we trade our "inherent" freedom, meaning absolutely non-transferable or "inalienable" in-born freedom (or some call this "god") -- for a temporary "feeling" of "safety" -- is the point where all gets lost in translation. And it seems we come here with this propensity, this inclination, for we are "born" cold and naked and helpless and cannot make it even for a few days without "help" from parents, etc.
I know that the simple smile of a new born baby can melt the hardest of hearts. Yet here mostly, the "trade off" begins for the child: the exchange of "spiritual-mindedness" for "material-mindedness."

We begin to live by appearances, in appearances and AS appearances -- or that there is good, substance, power, action IN "effects." Then we eventually come to fear, hate or love them. And THIS, this "emotionalism," is the glue that is the doing and finally the "undoing" of materiality.

This "undoing" or SHIFT from material-mindedness to spiritual-mindedness ensues at some point. As we "seem" to begin this return to the house of I, the "father's house," we really embark on a journey without distance. We see the unimaginably horrible and the unimaginably brilliant. We learn and do stand in the face of horror, and we seem "protected" from fear of it. And we stand in the face of good and seem "protected" from getting too excited over it. A "spiritual rock" is forming within us that we can neither show nor tell about. We literally hang our world on nothing that can be even really explained. Here is where the SHIFT occurs.
An element which cannot be spoken of -- Love, the Love which is Spirit or God or Awareness -- takes center stage. Our "Achilles' heels," the dregs of us show up. What is left of us rails against these vulnerabilities as we seem "victims," eunuchs, now unable to use the "former ways and means" of sealing up these areas which are open to attack, to wounds, to hurts, to criticism. One indication is sudden sobbing, crying for we know not what, not specifically.

Notice in what small daily instances we seem victims: We miss someone; we are a victim. We never had "closure" we say; we are a victim. Government agents, blue lights on cars, instantly bring out the victim. Things were left unsaid; we are a victim. Unruly neighbors, noise and highway traffic, we are a victim. Losing our jobs, we are a victim. In airports, we are a victim. In ALL relationships upon which we seem to be or are dependent, we are a victim.

We feel we are owed something, we are a victim. With our parents, our bosses at work, our lovers, our spouses, we are a victim. In matters of race, color, gender, family name, inheritance, nationality, personal characteristics, we are a victim.

We are a victim of the final fear -- and that fear is death to the dregs of us. Having been "born" and all that implies, we are a victim. Jesus hung-on-a-cross is a literal symbol of victimhood. SURROUNDING all this is a "feeling," an emotion of pity, victimization.
These dregs of us, the residue of us, clings and clings. The little grudges, the sad grievances, are dregs. We have been defanged and the business as usual of lying, cheating and stealing (remedies of old) just are no longer an option.
We finally see that the culprit is, as always, the assumption of our "origin" -- the assumption of physical origin, of having been "born." The assumption of having been born is the "first death."

As this becomes clearer, we are given the greatest of works -- FORGIVENESS. Only in forgiving the unforgiveable are we "given" our true nature. Better said, our true nature arises OUT OF "forgiving the unforgiveable" -- and the vulnerable areas seal off inside. Inside that tomb, Jesus for three days forgave.

Let us be clear: A "person" is INCAPABLE of "forgiveness." That is a FACT. A person CAN set up the conditions of forgiveness inside and wait. Set up the conditions, as the child was advised on the restofmyself website, and wait.

The actual "forgiveness" is a HAPPENING of GRACE, a transcendence of the person, a rush of Awareness, as it were. And only "afterwards" does one know it has happened. How? The hurt, the wound is evaporated. And there is the feel of not knowing where it came from nor where it went. And yet throughout this dream of acquired junk, which we have been CONDITIONED to call "me" or "I," Awareness-I has never moved -- not one millimeter.
All Love,