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Dear Master Cook,
I have not left much time for this, but really needed to touch base.  Yesterday in a flood it came to my attention that i have not 'believed' Truth IS True.  That, yes, I have treated IT as a metaphysical belief that if I could just perform right, "i" would have power (over), relief, ... PEACE. etc.!!
I have heard you speak those words so many times, it is plagiarism to say they are 'mine'... but as you know, until it happens to 'you', you just don't get it.  I wondered in my horrified amazement: "To whom can I confess this?" HAHAHA... anyway, have been doing the Power meditation from the Healing tape, and it is really stirring me... NOW!
Much more to say, but must run off!! (Lucky you!)
With Love and GRATITUDE,
A boiling chickpea

Dear Pea,
Well, I gotta tell ya, Truth is not subject to belief nor disbelief.  Truth, to BE TRUTH----IS.   Totally, absolutely IS, for it (Truth) is ONE.
What happens is that the FALSE is shown to be FALSE, falls away, and Voilà, Truth stands unimpeded by the false---------belief is in the realm of the "belief" in good and evil, or the I "sense" or the me-sense, the sense of separation, dream, or the human mind, or mortal mind.  This false "I" believes and does not believe.   "I know" and "I do not know" are of the pernicious I sense-------neither are of Truth, neither can know Truth, for both are FALSE.
All Love,