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Questions and Answers > Do you think you are a thinking thing?

This was the answer to a question I had.  I don't remember what it was, but it's not important! (The formatting is mine, it's how I break it up to ponder.)  

If you think
you are
a thinking thing,
you have
NO control
of your so-called "mind"
so anyone
can control it.
if you think
that what goes on in your head
is who you are,
you are being mind-controlled
and are subject to it.
The Saving Grace
that I have made such a to-do over
is that you begin to
know, state, start with ONE Infinite Mind
or Omniscience,
and make yourself focus on this:
when it is,
how it is,
where it is,
and that you [ It ] are not geographically located.
Omnipresence is Being you.
Does Omnipresence have a beginning?
Do you?
Who are you?
YOU, Awareness, does indeed "have a body" but there is no mind by the name of that body. Oh, the mind says, "Who would I be? I would not even know how to get home. What would I do?" ALL of which are NON SENSE.
And that mind you may think is so GRAND is nothing but a bag of senses, not a mind. The same mind that tells you you are sick is the selfsame mind that tells you you are well. So WHY would you look to IT for anything? Spirit CANNOT be "sensed" in ANY way.
All Love,