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The Rest of MySelf Meditations Collection

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Announcing the availability of a NEW The Rest of MySelf publication: a compilation of some of our favorite meditations by Kay into a bound collection that is convenient to use, find and carry: all of the paper meditations that Kathy usually makes available at retreats plus Kay's Sudden Dismissal meditation in one place!  The collection includes Loose Them, What is God?, Being Meditated and seven more.  All have been reformatted, to make reading and pondering easy, with lots of "space" added at places of a natural pause.  There is also an insightful introduction on the use of contemplation and meditation.  The volume is 6" x 9" and is softcover.

EXCERPT from the Introduction:

These meditations are presented as inspiration, as a way of "priming the pump"; a starting point on the quest of Inner Exploration.  The meditations can be taken and, through study and consideration, be expanded upon; every line (even a single word) can lead to the deepest of revelation in infinite unique expression.

EXCERPT from the What is God? meditation:

What is God?

I will not ask “Who” is God for the “who” connotes personage and God is Spirit…. God is invisible, without one touch of sense-objectivity.

Yes, any thing, even a thought or feeling of which I am aware cannot then be God.  So anything Consciousness (God) is conscious of is not Spirit, for Spirit cannot be measured—so, no height nor depth nor quantities, no things weighed nor things compared can be God.

EXCERPT from the Being Meditated meditation:


Life, which I AM cannot be threatened and is in no way subject to the laws of disease, old age, infection; nor depression, nor woe.  Never once has any disease or lack threatened My on-going.

I AM forever and ever.

Nothing, no human predicament, can in any way threaten ME.  I AM Love itself which has no capacity to “not Be”.

This collection is a treasure that we will truly enjoy!